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Novice Pressure Point Workbook


This is a must have for anyone interested in learning the basics of pressure point use. it is approximately 100 pages full or information and diagrams to help you on your part to learning.

You can’t beat the price at $29 CAD


Advanced Pressure Point Workbook


Our Advanced Pressure Point book picks up were the Novice Book left off. Gives you information to 3rd Dan Black belt. This is a must have for all advanced pressure point student.

Order below for $49 CAD.



This is the ultimate guide for any martial artist who wishes to be a true master of Kyusho Jitsu. However I will warn you, it is NOT for beginners! You need a solid working knowledge of the basics and much of the advanced techniques also! I strongly suggest reading the first 2 book before purchases this one.

Much of this information is not known in the Kyusho world. It comes from many year, and a lot of investment in time and money learning this amazing art from the best in the world!

This book includes so much information it will take you a long time to assimilate it! There are so some video links to help with certain concepts in this book. This is a NEW and REVISED EDITION for 2016!

I cover the following:

  • Advanced Alarm Point Theory
  • More principles for Kyusho Jitsu
  • Links to Video to show applications
  • Body Typing
  • Directional energy theory
  • Special Alarm Points
  • Indicator Points
  • Confluent Points
  • Influential Points
  • And much much more!

The cost of this workbook is a steal at $99 Canadian!