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Aug 24

Peaceful Warriors Gear. Order for Christmas NOW!

By Master Art Mason | News

Ordered new top quality fall hoodies solid black with zip front. Will proudly show our beautiful White logo on back & embroidered Canadian/ Romanian Flags on side arm.. cost will be $40.00 each Tax included. Also on order again Large duffle bags with school logo $40.00 (Limited supply, so deposit needs to be in)

Call Kara Today 519-551-2228

Jul 31

Testing Day July 2017!

By Master Art Mason | News

Congratulations to the following Peaceful Warriors students on their successful grading this month!

Testing July 29, 2017

  • – Vanja Primorac – Yellow W/ Green stripe
  • – Caleb Brazeau – Yellow w/ White stripe
  • – Xander Fluit – Yellow w/ White stripe
  • – Sarah Hatch – Yellow Belt w/ white stripe

Awesome job everyone keep up the hard work!


Jul 17

Where is GM Mason and What is he Doing?

By Master Art Mason | News

It has been a long time since I was last at my school in Windsor. Life has been very, very busy for Master Scott and I here in Brasov Romania. Aside from running a small adult student only school here I have been focusing very hard on one of my great passions.

Teaching and promoting Kyusho Jitsu.

I began training in the art and science of Kyusho Jitsu about 2002.  It caused a great revolution and much change in the art we teach our adult students today. This study of pressure points was and is a great journey for me!

Recently I was in Spain teaching a Kyusho seminar, and will be returning there are to do another next year. I have great plans for seminar in Europe, where nothing is really very far away. I have not written several more books on pressure points and you can see them all online. We founded a new organization, and Alliance of pressure point students to held promote and establish a method of teaching that will assure linear learning of the most critical of the knowledge.

Master Scott is of course at my side! Currently Kara is here with me in Brasov enjoying a much deserved vacation. And yes we talk a lot of business too! Next summer we are planning a very BIG seminar weekend here for anyone wishing to attend!

Talk to Kara for more information when she returns!

Jun 25

June Colour Belt Testing

By Master Art Mason | News

Congratulations to our June Warriors who tested June 24, 201. Another excellent testing! Below is the list of this months graders.

  • Conall Rose – Yellow belt Green stripe
  • Jacob Masse – Yellow belt white stripe
  • Nick Neveu – yellow Belt Bella Neveu – yellow Belt
  • Ken Echenna -White belt Yellow Stripe

I always enjoy watch these grading via Skype from Romania! The students work very hard and it shows. Again congratulations to everyone!

Jun 22

Grand Master Art – Kyusho Jitsu Seminar Benidorm Spain

By Master Art Mason | News

On the past weekend, Saturday June 17th 2017 Grand Master Art Mason was in Benidorm Spain conducting a pressure point / kyusho jitsu seminar. Kyusho Jitsu is a very important part of our system here at Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts, and so this seminar is also very important for out school!

There is a gallery of pictures from the seminar available from the link below, and also a short video below as well! Please visit the gallery on Facebook and like the page if you have not yet done so!


Picture Gallery Below!

Kyusho Jitsu Seminar July 2018 in Brasov Romania! This seminar will feature several amazing teachers. For more information on attending the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp follow the link below!




May 29

Black Belt Extravaganza 2017

By Master Art Mason | News

This weekend was our annual Black Belt Grading / Extravaganza! The testing was amazing and the 3 candidates performance was excellent!

Out congratulations to the the follow Peaceful Warriors

  • Ivor Chandler – 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Nicole Sussens – 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Master Rob Wiper – 4th Dan (Master) Black Belt

There will be pictures and more details coming in our June 1st Newsletter! If you have not yet subscribed you can do so from the link below!

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May 28

Colour Belt Testing Results May 2017

By Master Art Mason | News

On Saturday May 27th 2017 we had our monthly Colour Belt Testing. As usual I watched via Skype. Everyone did an awesome job!

My congratulations to the following Peaceful Warrior Students

  • Johanne Chandler – Green Belt / white stripe 
  • Lorena Zegrean – Blue Belt / red stripe 
  • Sarah Reaume – Yellow Belt
  • Natalie Gallant – Yellow Belt
  • Daniel Gallant – Yellow Belt
  • Constantine Shamoon- White Belt /yellow stripe
  • Sebastian Shamoon- White Belt / yellow stripe
  • Luca Corobana – White Belt / yellow stripe
  • Aiden Stiersa – White Belt / yellow stripe

Once again my congratulations to everyone for a job well done!

Apr 30

Peaceful Warriors Colour Belt Testing – April 29, 2017

By Master Art Mason | News

Saturday April 29th was our monthly grading day at Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts in Windsor On. Congratulations go out to the following Peaceful Warriors’ Students!

  • Vanja Primorac – Yellow Belt w/ White Stripe
  • Caleb Brazeau – Yellow Belt
  • Xander Fluit – Yellow Belt

I was unable to attend via Skype yesterday as I do most months, however it is a holiday weekend here in Romania and I had a previous engagement.

Reminder our Black Belt Extravaganza is coming in May!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Apr 13

Happy Easter from Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’

By Master Art Mason | News

Happy Easter Everyone!

Just a quick notice that our school will be closed on Friday April 14th 2017 in ovservance of the Good Friday / Easter Holiday. We will be open on Monday April 17th as usual.

On behalf of our teachers, staff, Masters Curt, Scott and myself we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Apr 01

Warriors Path Awards for March 2017

By Master Art Mason | News

The Warrior’s Path Award is something new at Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts that will be presented to one Junior student and one Senior student each March, June, September and December.

We view all of our students as successful martial artist with warrior spirit, however there are always individuals who put forth that extra effort and level of dedication that merits recognition. The candidates will be nominated and voted on by the teaching staff and the final decision will be made by Master Art Mason and Master Scott Mason.
We encourage all students to train and develop themselves not for awards or public recognition, but to become strong, confident and productive members of the school and society. This is a very exciting aware for
our school and will truly show the Student Creed and our 6 Tenets at work!
March’s Warriors Path Awards go to:

  • Jacob Masse—Junior
  • Amy Lavoie—Adult

Congratulations on a great job!