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Jan 29

Colour Belt Testing January 2017

By Master Art Mason | News

We had our first colour belt testing of 2017 on Saturday January 28th and as usual everyone did a great job! This is always a very exciting event for students and their families. The grading begins with an intense warmup period of strikes and kicks as well as running then progresses into the required curriculum knowledge for the rank being tested.

I would like to congratulate the follow Peaceful Warriors’ Students on their successful grading!

  • Caleb Brazeau- White Belt with Yellow Stripe
  • Vanja Primorac –  Yellow Belt

Congratulations gentlemen on a great job!



Jan 20

The Warriors’ Path Ep. 3 Friday January 20th 2017

By Master Art Mason | Warriors Path

Welcome to the Warriors’ Path Video Series. these videos are hosted on our Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts YouTube Channel. If you have not yet subscribed to our channel you may do so from the link below!

Today I will discuss the process of continued learning as well as the need for real values.





Jan 19

Peaceful Warriors Merchandise Now Available!

By Master Art Mason | News

I think this is awesome. We have had these awesome T-shirts available for some tme now. But today we can add these great Gear Bags with the school crest on them! If you would lke to order one see Kara in class or give her a call at 519-551-2228 today!

Here is a price breakdown!

  • Compression T’s -$30.00
  • PW School Hoodies -$35.00
  • PW Durable Canvas Gym Bag -$40.00* (Tax included)

Also coming very soon is our school crest for uniforms!

Stay tuned!

Jan 09

Martial Arts, Peaceful Warriors and Egos

By Master Art Mason | News

My sons and I worked very hard, for many years to build a school based on our 6 tenets, a place were the ego is under control at all time. I must say we did an excellent job and I see it all the time in my Black Belts. But it simply does not always carry to the rest of the world.

Martial artists are supposed to live by a code. One is to not bad mouth other styles or martial arts. Nothing is perfect, and people do err and sometimes say what is on their minds, but in today “social media” climate it goes way to far.

Now you would expect the ego problem to be with the younger generation, and it certainly can be! However the BIGGEST problem I have seen is with people my age and older. People who should know better. But sadly they do not.

A martial art without a STRICT CODE of ethics is brutality and bullying. Plain and simple.

Yesterday on the great evil we call Facebook I had some comment made on a post by 2 rather senior martial arts people. To say the comments were disappointing and out of line is putting it mildly. If these were my students I would terminate their membership!

No I did not respond to their idiocy. I have better things to do like wash my hair or clean the bathroom. I did however look at one man’s profile and it explained everything about him. His personal profile was an I LOVE ME site, talking of his greatness. Sad and pathetic for a man his years/

In other words his SELF WORTH is worthless! Too bad!

These political games of mine is better then yours, or I am right and you are wrong is for losers.

This is why I, as a warrior have no interest in such display, which are really pathetic.

Why do I write any one this today? Because a warrior KNOWS which battle are worth his time and effort.

Never waste time, with those who are a waste.

And never let their words ding your armor!




Jan 05

The Warriors Path Video Series Ep.1 Friday January 6th 2017

By Master Art Mason | Warriors Path

Welcome to our new video series on what it means to walk the warriors path! This will be a weekly video cast from Grand Master Art Mason talking about martial arts, training, success and life.

These videos are featured on our school YouTube Channel. If you are not as of yet subscribed please do so!

Enjoy the video!






Jan 05

“The Warriors Path” Video Series Coming this week!

By Master Art Mason | Warriors Path

Attention Peaceful Warriors students, family and friends!

Coming this week, to Facebook and this blog is a new video series done by Grand Master Art Mason. It is called “The Warriors Path.” It talks not only about what it is like to be a martial arts, a student of the arts, and a teacher, but also what it means to truly be a WARRIOR.

In todays mixedup, directionless world this video series is a MUST.

Stay tuned right here!

See you in class!