Peaceful Warriors and Pressure Point Self Defense

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Aug 28

Master Art Mason and Master Federico Asensio

Since I left Windsor for Romania with Master Scott in January 2016 there has been a lot going on in our lives. For the last 15 plus years pressure point self defense has been a passion of mine. I have been fortunate enough to have the best teachers also.

Brasov Romania

Back in 2010 I traveled to Constanta Romania to do a Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point) seminar. I had a wonderful time and fell in love with the country also! Today Master Scott and I call the Transylvanian Mountain Town of Brasov Romania home. But my passion for pressure points never died.

Currently we both spend almost every waking moment promoting the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance and working to expand the number of qualified Kyusho Teachers worldwide. I recently did a seminar in Benedorm Spain, which was an amazing time. I had the privilege of spending 3 days there with a new friend, and enjoying the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Sea

Now in the art we teach at Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts pressure points are flavored into the self defense. However you can also train directly in the art itself. These classes are taught monthly at the school by Certified Kyusho Teachers Master Rick and Master Louise. I believe the next session begins in January.

Now in the mean time, you can join me here, by enrolling in my FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course. This is an email course that will get you started. It does not matter your rank, only your eagerness to learn!. Kara can tell you how good the mini course is!  I suggest this course to all Kyusho Students regardless of rank too!

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The art and science of pressure point self defense, Kyusho Jitsu is a game changer when it comes to being able to defend yourself and be safe on the streets. Next summer we are holding a very special event here in Brasov called the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp. Click below and learn more now!

Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp -RMATC



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