Colour Belt Testing Results May 2017

By Master Art Mason | News

May 28

On Saturday May 27th 2017 we had our monthly Colour Belt Testing. As usual I watched via Skype. Everyone did an awesome job!

My congratulations to the following Peaceful Warrior Students

  • Johanne Chandler – Green Belt / white stripe 
  • Lorena Zegrean – Blue Belt / red stripe 
  • Sarah Reaume – Yellow Belt
  • Natalie Gallant – Yellow Belt
  • Daniel Gallant – Yellow Belt
  • Constantine Shamoon- White Belt /yellow stripe
  • Sebastian Shamoon- White Belt / yellow stripe
  • Luca Corobana – White Belt / yellow stripe
  • Aiden Stiersa – White Belt / yellow stripe

Once again my congratulations to everyone for a job well done!


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