Wisdom For the Warrior!

By Master Art Mason | News

Mar 01

This is some wisdom from a friend and mentor Grand Master Keith Hafner of Ann Arbor Michigan. Words to life by!

Proactive vs. Reactive.

A Reactive Person:

1. Relies on chance or luck

2. Feels “victimized”

3. Avoids responsibility for results

4. Would rather have someone else or a group share the responsibility for an outcome

5. Instead of training others, they do the work they should be teaching somebody else to do

6. Treats all tasks alike rather than organizing them by priority

7. Reacts to problems after they occur

8. Assigns blame to outside forces: the economy; the competition, etc.

A Proactive Person:

1. Is always on time and well prepared

2. Learns from personal mistakes; very rarely make the same mistake twice

3. They LIKE taking responsibility

4. They build a competent team

5. Feel comfortable with routines…and sticks with them.

6. Measure their effectiveness by results…not by “busy-ness.”

7. Heads off problems before they occur.


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