History of the Peaceful Warriors’ Part 11 – Kyusho Jitsu

By Master Art Mason | News

Dec 02
With GM Steve Stewart

With GM Steve Stewart

I had quite an interest in Pressure Points and had heard much about them over the years. I was also very familiar with the name George Dillman. But I really did not know much other then a few things I had seen in Black Belt magazine or online.

At some point in 2002 I believe it was I saw online that George Dillman was going to be at Steve Stewart’s Modern Martial Arts in London Ontario. I contacted Master Steve to get information and a group of us traveled to London to participate in the seminar.

GM Dillman covered a very basic part of beginners Kyusho Jitsu, talked about it history and some Kyusho Black Belts did an amazing demonstration. I was hooked!

I contacted Master Steve on the following Monday to inquire how I could learn more. He was just setting up his first real study group and gave me the details if I wanted to join.

And I did!

The following year I graded for my 1st Dan in Kyusho, but was promoted to 2nd Dan. After which I joined the advanced program, and Master Curt joined the Novice Group. From there,things just grew and grew until it became an essential part of being a Peaceful Warrior.

In 2004 I began to do study groups in Windsor and continued to do my own personal learning. Kyusho became a calling for me. I became certified as a Level 5 Instructor, which is the highest level of instructor in the Kyusho International Alliance, a part of Dillman Karate International.

We have a dozen or so Black Belts in the Kyusho Jitsu KIA system at our school including 3 masters beside myself. There is Master Rick Pappini and Master Louise St Jacques, plus of course Master Curt Mason.

Tomorrow in Windsor we will be conducting a Kyusho Exam under the new organization I have created called the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. I am still a member of GM Stewart’s organization and am proud to call myself a student of his in this art.

But being a Peaceful Warrior I have always done my own thing too….

Here is a video from 2009 Master Curt Mason 4th Dan Black Belt Kyusho Jitsu Grading.

More to come…




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