Master Curt Mason Seminar in Windsor at Peaceful Warriors DoJang

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 23


This is JUST EPIC!

I received a message to from my son, Master Curt that when he is in Windsor next he will be conducting a workshop / seminar / class at our dojo on Tecumseh Road.

image3 It has been several years since his last class in Windsor and I KNOW everyone will be very excited about this! He tells me to let everyone know to prepare for the class of their lives.

Right now I do not have date information, however I will keep everyone posted right here, as well as create a Facebook event as soon as dates are known. I will personally be working very close with my staff in Widnsor to make this a monster event!

If you are a former member, or member for another school and would like to attend, please contact Kara at 519-551-2228 so you can be kept up to date. In the meantime enjoy the video below of Master Curt at BBX 2012.







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