Tolerance is WRONG, Compassion is RIGHT

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 20
Brasov Romania

Brasov Romania

I hear this word so often, but I am sorry this is NOT how I was raised. I was raised to NEVER tolerate anything or you will spend your life tolerating more. Now perhaps my definition of the word is different, but I don’t think so.

Christmas is coming. and this is one example of tolerance. It is no longer Merry Christmas, but happy holidays because we don’t want to offend anyone. Really? Who said we are offending anyone? A VERY small group of self righteous bigots?

Now I have friends of every religion imaginable. Knowing people world wide goes with my job as a martial arts teacher. They are Jew, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. I have many Pagan friends also, which is what I am.

However, NO ONE is offended by Merry Christmas! In fact they say it back! Why? Because I wish them well on their important holidays too! If a friend or even a stranger wishes me a Happy Hanukkah or Ramadan I am not offended, why should I be? They are including me in their celebration or culture. Only a moron would be offended!

That is NOT TOLERANCE, that is compassion and understanding!

That is what friendship is built on!

If someone is offended by what I say it is their problem not mine! I cannot be offended by what people says because unless they are those close to me their opinion is irrelevant. If i can offend anyone by words, they are pathetic and should seek counseling.It is not my problem!

Lets stop this tolerance stuff today! Let’s do what is right and be compassionate and understanding, as long as it is returned to us! If it is not, then NO TOLERANCE.

As you know I speak my mind. So Merry Christmas!







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