The Lost Art of Courtesy

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 19
Courtesy is more then just bowing in class. it is a way of life.

Courtesy is more then just bowing in class. it is a way of life.

And it is a lost art. I was raised to always be courteous, even when I should not be. I have akways tried my best to be courteous. But today, it is simply seems to not exist.

Now those in the martial arts, well I hope you all know better, behave better. This week alone I have sent 5 communication of different kinds, all read, no replies. Now sometimes people do get busy, but that is not what I am talking about here.

It is common courtesy to reply, it is very discourteous to ignore.

What has happened? Have people become so selfish, so technically oriented that they feel the need to behave like human beings is not longer required? A little hint, if these people need something from me someday I am likely to say no just based on being ignored. However, I will do as I was taught and show the courtesy to answer people.

Courtesy is one of our school tenets and it is not only expected from our students it is demanded. Not following the creed and tenets will prevent further promotions. We don’t recite them because it sounds good, we do it because it is the “right” way to behave, the “right” way to treat people.

Courtesy will get you a long way in this world. Being discourteous will get you no where with me.

Try it, you may find it is returned to you many times over.


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