If We Don’t Teach It, Then it will be Forgotten….

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Nov 11
William "Billy" Borshuk, son of Bill Borshuk, WWII veteran who knows and understands

William “Billy” Borshuk, son of Bill Borshuk, WWII veteran who knows and understands the meaning of the day.

Today is a very important day in Canada. It is the day we remember. November 11th, Remembrance Day.

The slogan “lest we forget” is beautiful, but we have forgotten. We have forgotten to properly teach our children the sacrifices millions have made, for the freedoms they now take for granted. Today we see several generations of spoiled, whiny and weak children and adults. The “poor me” mentality runs wild, yet these people do not have a clue what suffering is.

My mother was born in 1919, shortly after the Great War. World War One. She was a child through the Great Depression, watched as her parent struggle to put food on the table. Yet were grateful for anything and everything they had. Food lines, rationing, poverty like you cannot imagine. Yet high spirits. Going to school was a privilege not many had.

At about the age of 21 she married the man of her dreams, a man named Art Williams.

hqdefault On September 10th 1939 Canada declared war on German and entered WWII to aid its allies. Art William and hundreds of other local boys enlisted in the various armed forces to help the allies stop the German advances in Europe. Hitler was taking over Europe and it had to be stopped. Art Williams joined the RCAF, the Royal Canadian Air Force. He married my mother and was deployed to Europe to fight.

Each day people would read the news paper, hoping and praying not to see the names of family or friends killed in action. Can you even imagine the HORROR of not knowing? Now I do not have the date, but one very bad day, a few weak after his deployment, my mother received world from the Ottawa that Art Williams was shot down over Germany along with many other in the Essex Scottish Regiment. Can you imagine that pain?

My Mother Davidina and Art Williams on their wedding day.

My Mother Davidina and Art Williams on their wedding day.

About 6 months later he was declared dead. No body, no ceremony, no closure. This was common in that time, yet we don’t make our children understand. Many times during this war as German occupied much of Europe including France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway and Western Poland it looked as if we would lose. If we did, Canada would fall also. There would be nothing to stop Germany and its High Chancellor Hitler.

At one point in time, rather then hiding underground like the cowards we have for political leaders today, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill stood on the roof of parliament and watched as the Nazi’s bombed London. Can you as Canadians, or anyone of the Western Culture imagine this? No you cannot!

The Allies fought TOGETHER and never gave up. On December 7th 1941 the Empire of Japan made the critical error of bombing American soil, Pearl Harbor.  The American people after the first world war did not want to lose more lives in another conflict. However this was now personal.

On December 8th 1941, the follow day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on the Empire of Japan. Hitler then declared war on the United States, and on December 11th 1941 congress declare war on Germany. The tide was about to change.

But war raged on….

0a203cff3b50adc12f5d1ed7e4668591 Finally on May 7th 1945 Germany surrendered unconditionally to the allies after a loss of 43,600 Canadian boys lives, and millions of others. Yet we are not teaching this properly. (Canada’s population was 11 million at the time)

After the war the western economies boomed like never before. Times we good, but we got complacent. While I was in school in the 60’s and 70’s little was taught of these times. Today virtually nothing is taught. Many of our children are now weak, whinny, and self entitled. They think they know what hardship is ( I want, I want, I want).

What we consider adversity is joke by those standards. Yes there are people in our world in other war torn countries who understand this, but we don’t.

Each Remembrance Day my mother and I would sit and talk of those times, the boys she knew personally who never came home. The pain of the loss still fresh in her memory. The death and sacrifice of Art William is the reason why I am alive today. I would not be here but for HIS personal and GREAT sacrifice for our country and way of life. The men and women of those days were much stronger then us. There were no physiologist to talk to, no drugs to take. But then their parents taught them to be strong, we have not done our jobs.

Years after his death my mother married again, another WWII vet name Art Mason, my father. My Dad and I talked at length of this war. He was an airplane mechanic and did not see action. My favorite uncle who lived down the street was a front line fighter. We talked too, but for the most part he spoke little except to tell me to always honor and remember why my life was the way it was.

My mother was the stronger person I ever knew. She had no bitterness in her heart. But to keep Canada FREE from tyranny she would gladly relive it.

Today the western cultures are soft and weak. We are afraid to stand for our values and what is right. We allow the propaganda of our corrupt governments to divide us. We bring people to our countries that do not want to be part of our way, but to change it for their own purpose. We stopped teaching values and instead taught consumption and complaining.

We MUST honour our ancestors and teach the values they fought and died for! Our freedoms and way of life came at the BLOOD of warriors, PEACEFUL WARRIORS. These soldiers were men of peace who took to the trenches to defend the things we now take for granted.

Peace does not come from weakness it come from strength, it comes from unity, it comes from peaceful warriors not martyrs. War is a terrible thing, but it happens whether you accept it or not. The Christian world of the western cultures speak of the sacrifice of Jesus for them, yet forget the sacrifice of the men who’s blood allows them the freedom to believe and worship as they do.

This is the most important day on the calendar, “lest we forget.” Because the next time this happens and it will happen again, if we are weak and divided, we may not win.

Always remember, honour your ancestors and be grateful to whoever or however you believe that you enjoy the life you do. For without them, you would not have the life you have today.

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