Happy Halloween and Other News

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 28


Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween, All Hollows Eve, is the celebration of the Gaelic festival Samhain also know as the festival of the harvest. It is a very old tradition what has its roots long before Christianity, in the Pagan belief systems. Now there are people who are trying in this day and age to say it is a Christian holiday, which is laughable at best since the Christians all believed it was the time of evil and the witch!

Aside from this information our school will be closed on Monday October 31st so that the children and adults alike can enjoy the North American version of this holiday!

Colour Belt Testing will be held on Saturday October 29th, the time when most of you will see this post. Also our History of the Peaceful Warriors’ will return with its next installment very soon!

Once the history is completed it will be made available for anyone interested in downloading a copy. More to come on this very soon!

Till then everyone have a FUN and SAFE Halloween!




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