History of the Peaceful Warriors – Part 6 – End of an Era

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 27
Master Art 1997 Tecumseh Branch School

Master Art 1997 Tecumseh Branch School

As the new millennia approached things at Philip’s School became increasing difficult. He had started a new business which was looking promising, but the school was not doing well. After his trip to Korea nothing was never the same.

By 1996 I was running a branch school in Tecumseh and one in LaSalle. We had lost several Black Belt instructors mostly to life changes. I picked up as much slack as was possible. But my own life was also changing radically as I was about to end a marriage of 18 years. In late 1997 I ending my marriage to my children mother.

The constant moving of the main school, Philips loss of direction with the school, the loss of many Black Belts, one who left and opened his own school was leading things down a bad path. Tilbury was closed, Amherstburg was closed as was Belle River. In fall of 1999 while rollerblading with my girlfriend the decision was made that it was time for me to move on also.

I was no longer progressing in the art, mostly because I was doing so much teaching. I had reached 4th Dan Black Belt, but Master Philip had not bother to progress beyond the 5th Dan that Mr Oh had promoted him too in 1996. I was like a ship without a sail.

In January 2000 I let Master Philip know I was leaving and began the process of developing my own school. I knew he would end up closing down Tecumseh as he had already stated to me. That left Windsor and LaSalle, and one other Black Belt instructor.

It was a heart breaking decision to make. But is had to be done. I would open in Belle River.

My last night of classes was June 15th 2000. I had told the Tecumseh students that their location was closing, but talked with the adults about what they wanted to do. They could stop, go to Windsor, or come with me to Belle River.

That night, the Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute was born.




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