History of the Peaceful Warriors Part 5 – Philip’s School

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 26
Black Belts of Philips' School

Black Belts of Philips’ School

The early years of Philips School were not only a major blast, but very intense. Having full control of his own destiny and not answering to Mr Oh any longer, Master Philip had great dreams. At this point there was a total of 5 branches in operation which very soon became 7. Fortunately we had the Black Belts and depth to do what he dreamed of.

At one point I was operating a commercial / private school for him on Howard Ave at Logon, Plus there was a Main School on Lauzon Parkway, a commercial / private school in Tecumseh, and branches in Amhersburg, Belle River, and LaSalle. Oh I forgot, a private for a short time in Tilbury also. Tilbury was a long established branch school. Operations ran 6 days a week, and we were very very busy!

Shortly after the Howard school was opened Philip asked me to become the manager of the entire system, kinda like Master Curt was at with our school. I took a midnight shift at Chrysler to make sure I could do everything that was needed. Swing shift would not work.

Now the martial arts business is much more difficult then most people who are students realize. In my absence Master Rick and I always talk. It has been an eye opening experience for him. Sadly the work and the issues caught up with Master Philip and he began to look at other ways to make a living. I fully understand, but it put even more responsibility on me.

Master Philip also began a very deep spiritual path, one that did change the course of his life. In 1994 I believe it was he traveled for 3 months to Korea leaving me in charge of the entire business alone. I took a leave from work and threw myself into it full time. In his absence I grew the school by about 75 students. Upon his return I thought he would be thrilled. But it caused his interest to drop even more.

The school was headed for very serious and hard times.




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