History of the Peaceful Warriors – My Kids – Part 4

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 25
Scott, Lisa and Curt in 1992 I believe.

Scott, Lisa and Curt in 1992

The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts was created in March of 2000 as a family business. So no history is complete without talking about my children. As I mentioned before Curt began his martial arts training at about the age of 4 1/2 under the Chung Oh system. After the breakup and the forming of Philip’s School my other 2 children began their training.

Scott began first at about age 4 1/2 also, follow by my daughter Lisa about 6 months later. She was also between 4-5. The major difference in their beginning was their mother Cathy and I were their main teachers, but Curt still belonged to Master Philip.

For Lisa, like her brother Curt it was a love/hate relationship. however once at class she always had a great time! Now Lisa trained up to the time her mother and I divorced. At that point in time school became much more important as she had career aspirations to think about. She did make the rank of 1s Dan Black Belt before she left.

Now for Scott it was just pure love. he adored training in the arts, and as his rank progressed he was given chances to help other students of lower rank, lead the warmups, he was in his glory. As an adult he consistently had the highest quality of students. To this day he still loves teaching. Now 26 years in the arts.

Curt is currently no involved in the school, because he has chosen to dedicate his spare time to his children, which is naturally the most important thing. At 34 he now has 30 years in the arts. He trains on his own however because it never leaves you. The desire to move and understand combat.

Lisa and Scott 1997

Lisa and Scott 1997


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