You Must Be a Follower, Not Just a Leader

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 16

Sunset silhouette of a man practicing martial arts

Leaders are not born, they are made…..

The martial arts classroom is an usual place. Because of the belt system there is a natural occurring hierarchy that for some is very hard to accept.

Why? Because they are not good followers, and as a result will make poor leaders. What do I mean?

From day one when I first started martial arts training my instructor began to groom me as a leader and a teacher. However I needed to follow his word to the letter, without complain, and without adding my own twists to things. Why? Becasue I did not need to agree with him, just follow. He was a 5th Dan Black belt and knew what he was doing. I had opinions, but they didn’t really matter to the situation, they only mattered to me.

Over time I reached the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt, actually 16 years of time. He remained by choice at 5th degree. Now my input, as time went on became important to him. But I never once stepped out of line, arguing with him, or insisting my way was best.

I left his system after 16 years to explore my own way. Not because I felt suppressed by him. If I had I would have left much sooner! But it was time for me to spread my wings, work on my leadership skills and take my own command. So Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts was born.

Too many cooks will spoil the soup. This is often true! But that is just because the other cooks insist on adding things, rather then just watching.

At our school in Windsor I have left Senior Master Riccardo Pappini in charge in my stay. In my absence he is me. Now my body may not be present in the school, but my influence still is. After all it is still Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’. Master Rick and I talk many times during the week. He has my full trust in his ability to make the correct decision for the operation of our school!

So if you ever wonder what Master Art would say about something, ask Master Rick. It will likely be exactly the same thing!

Have a great week!


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