Pre- Congratulations to Master Riccardo Pappini

By Master Art Mason | News

Sep 18
Master Riccardo Pappini

Master Riccardo Pappini

Well I am doing this a little bit premature, but that is the privilege of rank. Yesterday (Saturday) in London Master Riccardo Pappini was tested for his 5th Dan Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu by Grand Master Steve Stewart. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this grading.

Now Master Rick won’t get the results until next month, however I am fully confident is how he did and how deserving this promotion will be!

Like myself Kyusho Jitsu is a passion for Master Rick and all his hard work has paid off for hi. In my absence he has been teaching our Novice and Advanced Kyusho Classes in Windsor.

So once again Congratulations Master Rick! You make us all proud!




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