Assault in LaSalle Park – Are you safe?

By Master Art Mason | News

Aug 09

Woman elbowing a man who was trying to assault the woman

From Blackborn News:

“LaSalle police are looking for two suspects after two people out for a walk were jumped near Heritage Park on Wednesday night.

Police report one of the suspects had a knife and demanded any valuables be handed over by the young man and woman out for a walk shortly after 10pm. When the victims refused, the suspects began beating the man. The woman intervened, but was struck as well.

The two suspects then ran off without getting anything.” READ MORE HERE

And are you surprised? I am surprised it does not happen more often! But it will!

Are you PREPARED for this reality? The odds are someday this will you YOU! Or are you one of the people that believe Stats Canada? I hope you are not that naive! Do you know they don’t view a murder as a murder till there is an arrest? This is why all those native women don’t matter!

Wake up Canada! Be RESPONSIBLE for your own safety!

Follow the link below and get your FREE report! Or doing NOTHING and be a VICTIM, the choice is yours!

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