Martial Arts Schools and the McDojo

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 27


Ok I am going to go on a FUN rant here. I just have too! I have been called, like many other commercial martial arts school a McDojo and the really funny thing is the people saying this think that is an insult.

Lets look at the facts! McDonald’s is one of the most successful businesses in the world, and it is because of the very thing there people are saying is wrong. They operate by systems! McDonald’s has never claimed to have good food, just that it was FAST and convenient for the tired, stressed out mom.

You deserve a break today! Right Mom?

If they wanted to they could have created a food chain with excellent healthy food and they would have done just as well. Why? Because founder Ray Krok was a genius business man. He saw a need and went for it!

The martial arts school I came from was run by an excellent martial arts master and a good teacher. However he had no real systems in place to assure the needs of ALL his students were met, not just the talented ones. The martial arts masters of old, as far as being “teachers”, were EPIC FAILURES because they took pride in their DROP OUT rate! And not how low it was either! From the system I came from, which is no longer in business, that saw thousands of students, there are 4 of us left!


The martial art I teach is of outstanding quality, the system in my schools are world class. All came from working with the best in the industry. Yes their are bad schools out there. But calling them a McDojo is just showing them how McStupid you are.

Bad schools don’t last, bad businesses don’t last. If you are wondering how good a school is go and visit and talk to the parents there. Always form you own opinion based on research, and not crap you read on Facebook or see on YouTube.

As for those martial artist who love to bash the McDojo, perhaps follow the tenets that should exist in your art? Being a Black Belt does not make you any authority on ANYTHING other then perhaps the art YOU study. But that even depends on time served! What I know about school operations, teaching students and business I learned from real experts. I just don’t pretend to know because I am a Black Belt…..

As for McDojo? THANK YOU for the compliment!


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