Egos and Martial Arts Masters

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 18

Martial arts man tying his black belt, isolated on white

Egos, these are very fragile things in many people. Martial Artists who claim to be above this are no exception! I was recently talking to an old acquaintance in South Africa and he asked me “what is going on with all the egos in martial arts these days.” Now he is old school like I am, and we both agree there is a lot of bad behavior.

It seems with the invent of UFC and MMA martial arts has become a  bad TV drama. It reminds me at times of the bratty reality shows. There are a ton of new 10th Dan’s all claiming mastery with little or no evidence they put the time in. But it honestly does not matter. Really, rank above about 5th Dan is teaching credentials and that is all. The teacher obtains more rank for the better of his students, not for chest pounding.

Many people who have know me don’t even know the ranks I hold. It is just not important! It only matters when I have students who have been with me for 10, 15, 20 years who still want to progress! Also, ego leads to politics, and don’t we have enough of that crap going on in the world?

Martial Arts is a personal journey that some of us chose to share with others. It is not about being better then someone else, or about winning titles.

It is about personal protection and self improvement.




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