Steven Seagal – Finally, A Great Opinion!

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 17


Martial Sport as I call it is running wild in the world. MMA is getting more fans on a yearly basis and more competitors. Awesome for you guys! But that has nothing to with what I do.

Would traditional martial art work in a cage? NO IT WOULD NOT. And I NEVER once claimed it would!

If someone come to be and wants to be a fighter, Well I am going to send them to my good friend Shihan Norm Rivard. He is the one to train them, not me!  I did competition when I was younger, I was pretty good, but I hated it!

Ring fighting and street self defense are not the same thing! They are not even from the same planet. The world’s best MMA guy will get KILLED in a real attack if he has not had the combat training and vica versa!

Now I was doing something today I rarely do, watch martial arts stuff on YouTube. I got into a bunch of videos by closet intellectuals talking about Steven Seagal being FAKE. Seriously? Yeah OK. They were talking of how he would get his ass handed to him in a ring, no kidding. He is an Aikido Master, not an MMA fighter!

How I found this video which I loved, it address the question so well! Take a look and enjoy!


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