Summer is a Great Time to Train!

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 05

Man practicing karate on the grassy horizon at sunset. A blow with the fist, Uraken Uchi. Art of self-defense. Silhouette on a background of dramatic clouds at sunset.

I remember summers so well as I was coming up the coloured belt ranks! One Saturday morning class, well it was at noon, we hit 103 degrees F. The day was so hot, but it was very dry! That was unusual for Windsor. After class I went downtown to a festival and Master Bob Chase and his students were in Jackson park training.

What I love about summer training is 2 things, one there are fewer people. Even the diehards like myself will miss some classes due to vacation or family events. Also the HEAT. We did not have AC like the dojo does today, so when we moved, we would SWEAT! I would end class with my uniform wet like I tosses it in a pool! Good times!

I took very little time off in the summer. Chrysler had a two week shutdown and I would often go up north for a week. But that was all. There was a group of us, fixtures in the building. We were always there, dedicated to training, our school and our teacher.

Today a few of those black belts remain in the arts. I can think of 2 who are currently operating schools part time. I am the only one of the “group” who is a full time school operator that I know of. Some have retired from the arts, which is always too bad. A few I have lot track of over the years.

Summer training helped to mold us into the martial artists were are today. Don’t take time off unnecessarily, come in and train! The benefits you will gain from summer training are enormous!

The path of the martial artist is very rewarding!



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