Just come in and TRAIN….

By Master Art Mason | News

Dec 09

ArtJune2000 Martial Arts is not something that you do, it is something that you become. When you first begin your training things are very new and very exciting. Each belt promotion means more to you then as an adult you are willing to admit. You stare with joy at the piece of tape around one side of your belt. It feels so good!

You have a definite goal, to get that coveted Black Belt. The journey is long and hard and requires dedication, commitment and a ton of perseverance. After the years pass your view begins to change. TRAINING becomes part of life, like getting up in the morning. You have become a martial artist. Training is like air.

The meaning of rank in the arts changes for you. You no longer revel in each little step, or for that matter even in dan ranks as they go by. Suddenly the knowledge becomes the most important, you develop a thirst for more.

When people leave the arts for whatever reason, it never leaves them. It is not just in your blood, it becomes your blood. You see the world in a different prospective then ordinary people do. And martial arts people are not ordinary people.  One of my senior students and master teacher Riccardo Pappini said to me one day in regard to people who stop training for one reason or another, “you can never come back to training, you just train.”

Truer words could never have been said. Forget New Years resolutions, just come in the door and train! Are you worried you forgot your patterns??? Just some in and train. Are you out of shape? Just come in and train.

Need a little more encouragement?? Read this.

But for the moment, JUST COME IN AND TRAIN…….It is WHO YOU ARE!!!!


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