The World of Bullies, it needs to end.

By Master Art Mason | News

Dec 02

stop-bully-logoI am shocked when I hear of the vast number of bullying incidents today not only in our school system, but in life in general. I see it in schools, workplaces and on the streets. How did this happen??? Why did this happen?? Psychologies will give you lots of reasons, but the truth is we put up with it. Keep raising the level of tolerance we have for the intolerable.

The school I went to as a child was called Ivor Chandler. In grade 2 I think it was I was bullied by a boy who’s name I don’t even recall. I punched him in the nose, bloodied it and the incident was finished. I was NEVER bullied by anyone again. We both went to the office after his nose stopped bleeding and were told of sever consequences if this happened again. Yes people we would have been punished. What a concept eh??

So what is the problem today? The consequences tend to go toward the person being bullied, like it is their fault. The schools and work places are afraid of the bully! Children need to be encouraged not to put up with this behavior and FIGHT BACK. When someone is trying to cause you physical harm and you fight back it is protected under the Criminal Code of Canada and that supersedes any school bi-laws.

Martial Arts training will give your child the confidence to fight back, both physically and emotionally which is just as important. I can give you countless examples of how the system has failed. It is time for an overhaul and this begins at home, with each child.

If anyone would like to come into to discuss a bully problem with me my door is always open. Give us a call at 519-551-2228 and you can book a time when we can sit down and talk. Till then have a great Christmas Season!


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