Is your Staff Safe?

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 20

NewCrest My name is Art Mason; I am the founder of an organization called “The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute.” I have been involved in martial arts and self defense for over 30 years, and I’ve been watching the changing environment of our wonderful city. Let’s face it; Windsor isn’t as safe as it used to be. And the problem isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.

Today people aren’t safe going places alone, the parks at night are empty. No couples or children go near them for fear of muggings and worse. Downtown Windsor has become a haven for crime, and violence. Stabbings are a common occurrence along Ouellette Avenue, and are rarely even covered by the paper anymore because they are so common. People are being taken from parking lots at night as the walk to their cars, and children are constantly warned of possible predators in the area, roaming in their cars looking for a child to tempt.

My organization and I are on a new mission to help educate people of these dangers, and how to deal with and prevent prevent possible muggings, kidnappings and worse. To make you feel safer walking to your car at night. What we are now offering to yourself and your staff, is a two hour seminar on these dangers.

In this two hour session we will be teaching you and your staff, not only how to avoid these potentially dangerous situations all together. Using safe and effective techniques that are PROVEN, to work. Over the years we have had police, security officers, and students interested in the Law and Security programs come through our systems with outstanding results.

In this two hour seminar not only will we be teaching safe, easy and effective techniques, but you will very quickly learn that size does not matter. Even the smallest of people can very quickly and easy learn to defend him or herself against would be attackers without the slightest use of strength. And for the first time this is being taught outside of the martial arts setting, no forms or fancy stances just simple and effective methods!

Some of the things we will be covering are; how to avoid dangerous situations, common attacks, intention, finger locks and other simple manipulations, humane pressure points, and much much more!

To book a session for you and your staff please contact us at (519) 551-2228; via e-mail , or check us out on the web if you’re still have some lingering doubts or questions at .


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