If Tonight you where Attacked walking to your car… What would Happen?

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 13

self_defenseWhen you’re walking to your car after a night out, after a movie or dinner, do you feel safe and confident? Or do you worry about the shadows in the corner? Maybe someone lurking behind the next car or the trash bin? If you do you’re not alone! Thousands of people every year are attacked on their way to their car in a parking lot or garage.

How about at work? Are there other employees that hassle you on a daily basis, sometimes threatening violence? Or maybe you work with customers all day, what happens when they get angry because things are not going their way, or maybe they’ve had too much to drink and are just looking to take their bad day out on someone… again these sort of things happen every day!

When an attack happens there is a trigger that goes off in our bodies call the “Fight or Flight” reflex. You either freeze on the spot becoming completely helpless or you act upon the situation. The majority of people freeze, it’s a natural response especially when most people have never had to confront an attacker or a dangerous situation. Did you know, attackers always look for someone who isn’t going to give them a hard time?

An attacker will look for someone who looks like an easy target and won’t give them a hard time. In fact there are some very specific things you probably do that give you away as one, such as…

  •  Someone walking with their head down
  •  A person distracted by rummaging through their coat or purse
  • Someone on their cell phone engaged in a conversation
  • A victim that will be easily pressured into doing what they want
  • Most importantly, someone who will NOT put up a fight!

My name is Art Mason, I am the founder of Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute. I have been teaching people just like you how to not only defend themselves in any situation but also helping with fitness and most importantly having fun while doing it for over 25 years.

Today’s world isn’t getting any safer, crime rates are always climbing. And as our city grows, they’ll only go up. Every day people are mugged, assaulted and worse and most of it never makes it to the papers or news. At my school we teach people from all walks of life how to become safer and smarter about how they do things. Most importantly, what we teach has been proven to be incredibly effective in bad situations!

There are a lot of people around the world claiming they will teach you “Realistic Self Defense”. They also claim they can do this over night! If you look on many video websites you will find them filled with supposed “experts” teaching hundreds of techniques. The problem with many of these, is they are not effective in most situations and depend highly on brute force, strength and size. My school’s program is just the opposite, it can be effective for anyone and everyone regardless of your physical stature, strength, size or athletic background.

Now for the FIRST TIME private and small group classes are available. For pricing and more information please contact Master Art via email at master@thepeacefulwarriors.org or drop into our dojo.


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