What is Self Defense Part 2?

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 03

Scottdemo2When it comes to self defense I am not interested in begin politically correct. My wife is worth more to me then some hurt feelings. I am taking the text below from a facebook post from Master Scott. Feel free to comment!

“I’ve been taking the bus regularly since May. At that time I’ve had a good look at the city, and the many many nutcases that ride the bus. I refuse to sit down on a bus, I always stand. I always stand up, because all it takes is one nut case to pull out a knife and stab you repeatedly. It can happen so quick, if anyone remembers it happened on a greyhound a couple years ago, except that nut case decapitated the person. So I stand, because if some nut case wants to come for me, I’ll be on my feet ready to put said person down like a sick kitten. Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you. The world is going to shit, maybe it’s time for everyone to start thinking about their personal safety a little more, because the people that say “It will never happen to me” are the ones killed or seriously injured when it does happen to them.”

Think about this. It is very true.


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