Beating the Summertime Blues

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 22

NewCrestEvery summer parents will ask me the same question. “How do I keep my son or daughter motivated to train when school is out?”

During the summer season, we naturally see a slow down in attendance due to family vacations. This is the way it should be; families need time together, to increase the bond that is present and to have some FUN! But, what about the time when you and the children are at home? Keeping them motivated and training is a MUST!

Aside from the idea that you don’t want your child to fall behind missing 2 months of classes, there are many other reason to keep motivated and training.

“Inertia” – “The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest, and of an object in motion to remain in motion”

The definition of inertia also applies to people! Several years ago I had a family in the school who came to me their first summer with us to tell me that their son would not be in classes from June till September. I asked about the family vacation as was soon told that would be 2 weeks in July, but they felt that their son worked so hard during the year that he deserved to do NOTHING from June till September. I was shocked. I persisted to discuss the benefits of summer training and the harm that can come with the attitude they had taken. Both parents were very hard working people, putting in 60 hours per week each on their chosen fields, what a mixed message to that boy.

What happened to the boy? He returned in September, several months behind his piers, and several pounds heavier than when he left. He is no longer with our school.

The benefits of martial arts training come with time and dedication. When a person trains consistently, tests regularly and stays motivated the benefits will grow exponentially.

What is needed? The student needs to train 2 times per week. That is for children 90 minutes out of 168 hours per week. If your child is BBC or Master Club, this time might be a little more.

If you are consistent with this, your child will make progress and be successful!

Keeping Focused.

Next month I will discuss here is the importance of keeping your child focused when school is out. After raising 3 children of my own and dealing with the Summer Off issues with them, I quickly became one of those parents who believe that our educational system is making a mistake giving children 2 months off school. I know that teachers work very hard in September to get children back on track.

By keeping your child training during the summer months, you help keep them focused on learning. This routine and consistency will benefit them all their lives as they grow. In order to be happy people need to continually challenge themselves and learn. No one needs to “veg”. Keep moving forward towards your goals. Work with your instructor to overcome the inertial problems. Help your child to set a goal and keep it. The benefits you will see over time are truly amazing!


Yours in the arts,
Master Art Mason


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