Principle of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido Joint Manipulation

By Master Art Mason | News

Apr 20

craigslist2 These principles work for any type of hand on hand contact. Once a lock of any type has been established follow these rules and you will find success.

1. Balance: The first principle is that of balance. This applies to both the attacker and defender. Your objective is to take the attacker off balance. The faster this happens, the faster the altercation can be ended.
2. 2 way action: Once the attacker has moved in and exposed his arms your must take control. At this point 2 way action is a MUST in order to induce as much pain as possible to control the situation.
3. Centering: Always bring the attacker into your centre for better power and control. As soon as controlling contact is made, the attack must be centred to avoid a power struggle.
4. Intention: Without intention, control or throws are impossible. You need to see the desired result many times in your mind to achieve it! If you do not believe what you are doing will work, you are correct. If you believe it will work you are also correct.
5. Pressure Point Contact: Make as much contact with the pressure points on the body as possible.
6. Avoid energy conflict: Using the octagon to stay out of the line of attack. You when stand in front of your attacker, you reflect his energy giving him more power. MOVE ASAP.
7. Mobility and stability: Moving into the proper foundations to achieve success. Knowing when to be stable and when to be mobile. Control comes from both.
8. Increased Body Contact: Give position to get position. The more of your body in contact with the opponent, the more energy transfer takes place. Often people are told to try to remove the grip the attacker has on you. Give him the position he wants, just not the way he wants it!
9. Attack at a 45: You must always attack the opponent’s body at a 45 degree angle. This will cause more pain and more damage. Attack upstream, across the energy flow for pain, downstream and across the flow for a throw.
10. Sticking & Flow: You must learn to follow the opponents movements. Be like water flowing across and around a rock. Move in the same direction as the attacker, until you can move otherwise to take control.


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