The Nature of our Health

By Master Art Mason | News

Apr 15

12162_208120040277_6871586_n  If you look at statistics supplied by various government agencies it would appear that people are living longer, healthier lives. Sadly this is far from the truth. Where do these statistics come from? It comes from the insurance actuarial tables. The reason it appears to be much better than it is, is because infants are not dying as often as they did 50-100 years ago. A plus for modern medicine.

If you watch TV all you see is ads from drug companies promoting the latest ‘fix’ for anything they can think of. There is even a drug for people with jumpy legs at night. They talk about all the symptoms of each and ever possible illness, and we see these symptoms in ourselves and go running to the doctor. The possible side effects of these drugs are truly scary. They range from stomach upset to death.

When we meet with friends and co workers the first topic of discussion is how bad you feel, or that you have this illness, and that illness. Sickness is has become a drama in peoples lives. I once had a student a few years ago who whenever I talked with his mom, she would tell me about all his learning problems. Yet she wondered why they never get any better? The reason is simple, she is reinforcing the way her child sees himself.

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. ”

As I have stated so many times in the past. I am never sick. There is no real secret to this either. The reason? I take decent care of myself, but I never think about being sick, feeling bad, or disease. I really, deep down inside believe that illness is a choice. On a biological level all illness comes from an acid environment. This environment can be supplied by poor eating habits, but more importantly by poor thinking habits!

Lets take a look at this in more details. Mom, when your child is not feeling well how do you respond? Do you coddle him or her? Or do you tell them that they will feel fine very soon and not to worry about it? Children love attention, as do adults. If you coddle your child you reinforce the benefits of illness. Your action is compassionate, but the result are not.

This is also true of adults. We love to talk about our illnesses. We need to lose this as part of our identity and talk about our good health instead. This will make a huge difference in how we feel. But it does take time and is well worth the effort.

When we think negatively we cause our hypothalamus to secrete certain types of hormones. This hormone release turns our body into an acid, toxic environment. When we think positively and are happy, the opposite become true. The goal is to manage how we feel, then how we feel about our health!

How do we getting started toward outstanding health, no matter what the situation? First change your internal dialogue about your health. If you are sick think about feeling better, then feel you are getting better. Cutting the garbage out of your diet which also help you. An upset stomach due to poor eating does not make feeling better easy. Drink lots of water too! When you see your doctor talk about feeling good. Soon you really will feel good!

Parents, change the way you talk to your child about his or her health. Also, don’t talk about your illnesses in front of your children. This only causes worry and stress, something we want to eliminate.

How powerful is your mind with regard to this topic? Have you every had a real bad headache, one that is so bad you just want you to go to bed and hide? Then the phone rings and you start talking to an old friend, before you know it the headache is gone! The call distracted your mind, the body repaired itself.

The mind is everything! The way you see the world is how it is going to be. If you have a stressful life take up some form of meditation to quiet the mind and allow you to gain control of it! Doing this to remove stress will also make the world of difference in your health. The way you think is the most important thing. You must work to change your belief system about illness!

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. ”

Take charge of how you feel today but taking charge of your thoughts! Watch this blog over the next few weeks and I will post more about changing your thinking processes.


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