Personal Safety and Social Media – Please Share

By Master Art Mason | News

Apr 14

safety1 My purpose for writing this is the hope that many teenagers and young adults with read this and rethink the way they use facebook and other social networks. My business is personal safety.

Facebook in of itself is not good or bad, it is a tool and depending how you use it can be a blessing or a curse. I am going to talk of the curse of facebook. Recently in CANADA we have had two young woman takes their own lives because of “bullying” on facebook and other social media. But all could have been prevented. Now i will not talk of any specific case, just an example of what goes on here.

Mary is a beautiful 15 year old girl. Being her age popularity is very important to her. She is interested in boys and men, parties, drinking, perhaps some drug use. Now parents face the facts and remember how YOU WERE at that age. Stop pretending your child is different!. Soon Mary discovers the world of social networking both on her laptop and smart phone. Life is good!

At first she accepts as her friends people she knows. The over time she begins to get requests from “friends of friends” but this is OK right?? Perhaps not. Over time friends of friends of friends begins to take notice of her and she gets requests from total strangers, men who are making flattering comments of her looks. She loves the attention, what harm can there be? Soon her friends list swells to 3500, 99% people she does not know. But they are sooooooo nice!!!

After time she begins to put up some rather “provocative photo’s” of herself in a bathing suit, or at the bar drinking a few beers looking a little drunk. After time she adds her cell number to the “about” section, some more personal information and even sexier pictures. Is there something wrong with this? Not if you know all the people on your friends list, but 99% are strangers! Soon the pictures get 200+ “likes” and comment after comment after comment. OMG I AM SOOOO POPULAR!!!! So Mary flirts back…..

Next the BIG mistakes come. I think I will check-in tonight at “SinNightclub.” People are creatures of habit and soon the check-ins become predictable. One of the 3500 friends Mary has becomes obsessed with her and decides he will go to the “club” Friday night and see her in person. He follows her home and now all the barriers to Mary are GONE.

Then one night he approaches Mary, offers to buy you a drink. She have no clue who he is because she doesn’t know him! But he knows her. He slips some ecstasy in Mary’s drink and then HIS FUN begins. She is raped, perhaps killed, pictures taken and posted on the net by this sick sack of shit. No Mary is still alive but her life is ruined from this man and his perversions.

Am I exaggerating? Sadly no! This is happening every day and it all can be prevented. People take your head out of your ass, delete questionable pictures, delete people you don’t know and BE SAFE!!!

I use FB basically for business reason, but I too and going to delete the trash on my list. I am a lot safer than others. I never check-in anywhere I actually am if I do it, I do it when I LEAVE. And I rarely check in.

Ladies you don’t need to be flattered by strangers. They are insincere and only after one thing. BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!


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