Black Belt Club Classes

By Master Art Mason | News

Mar 26

web_acc8012mui_black_belt_club_black_trim_750x750Beginning in April we are making a small schedule change to Friday evenings. The “sparring” class is now gone and has been replaced by a 45 minute long Black Belt Club Class. In a previous post I mentioned just how important it is for students, especially Black Belts to continue to learn and train. We have a Black Belt Class on Wednesday night for this purpose. The problem is many Black Belts have conflicts on that night, so now BBC is here.

What happens at BBC Class? We cover materials that the Black Belts need for their grading, but also much more and the best news it that the class is open to ANY ADULT Black belt Club member! Currently there are no junior Black Belt Club members but this will be implemented at a later date. If you have any questions please see your instructor!


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