Changes to Black Belt – Pre-tests are back

By Master Art Mason | News

Mar 21

Black Belt One thing we have always been very successful doing here at the Peaceful Warriors, and that this motivating and creating excellent Black Belts. Over the years we have had literally hundreds of students reach this lofty goal. It is a 4 year journey requiring dedication and much hard work! From time to time however we must look deep into our systems and make adjustment to keep the quality of the student high and make sure they are reaching their fullest potential.

The journey to black belt requires many steps. From monthly tips for attendance and performance to belt gradings every 3 months. At black belt however this stops an the time frame between exams grows much longer. With this in mind we are going back to an old system we first started in 2005 and for different reasons we stopped in 2011, and that is pretests for all black belts under the rank of 3rd Dan.

How this works is simple, every 3 month based on the black belt testing cycle each student will perform a pretest of what they have learned during this 3 month period to our review board. This will be a pass or fail test. When the require number of pretests are met then the student is eligible for grading to the next level. These pretest are at no cost to the student and will only take about an hour of time. Dates will be available a year in advance. There will be ONE makeup date for illness and other absences. More information will be given within the next few weeks. Pretests will begin on Saturday Mary 31st. Times to be announced.

See you in class! Especially Black Belt Class!


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