Black Belt Reading Program

By Master Art Mason | News

Mar 13

media1 We are very proud to introduce our Black Belt Reading Program. In an effort to promote literacy and encourage reading with our students we have implemented this exciting new program! Students will now be able to earn “Bookmark Belts” in reading. There will be a special bookmark belt students may earn very similarly to their regular belts. Our new “Bookmark Belt” system will look just like our old belt system, starting at white and going all the way to the Black Belt Bookmark.

To get started and earn your White Belt Bookmark you have to enroll into our reading program. From that point to earn your next Bookmark Belt you will have to read three books (Age and reading level appropriate). To keep track of what you’ve read ask your instructor for a Reading Program Book tracking sheet that can be completed by you and/or your parents.

If you are unsure if a book is acceptable for your age and reading level ask your teacher. If you are having a hard time finding a book to get started with make sure to ask, we’ve got lots of great book ideas for all ages all of us being avid readers ourselves.

To enroll fill out the forum below to start to journey to becoming a Black Belt Reader! The program begins April 1st 2014 and runs to September 1st 2014. More information wil be available from your instructors shortly!!


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