Becoming a White Belt

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 17

Bricks1 The White Belt is the accepted beginning of the martial path. I can still recall the first class I attending. Putting on that crisp white uniform and tying on my stiff new white belt. I was both excited and terrified. Now 25 plus years later I still recall the experience like it was yesterday.

The symbol of the white belt is a fresh beginning. The chance to learn and experience something totally new. In our art you then spend the next 4 years with your sites set on attaining your Black Belt. We set our goals and achieve, achieve, achieve. Sadly we often times forget the feeling of being a white belt.

After Black Belt we set out minds on still bigger goals and higher ranks. We focus one the future and long forget the humble beginning. Sometime martial artist will decide they wish to take another art. When they go looking for information they always make sure to inform the potential instructor of their personal accomplishments. Martial Artists will often refer to this as cross training. After all these years I am finally understanding the white belt mindset once again. I have emptied by cup, to fill it with more knowledge.

My friends, go out, no matter what field you are in, and become a white belt once again. Do something that you have never done before to experience this feeling. Recapture that feeling of youth and vitality, the feeling that stepping out of your comfort zone will give you.

Become a white belt at life…..


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