Life on the Martial Path

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 15

Belle_River_2001 In martial arts we first learn to shape our bodies and make them perform to our will (or our thoughts). We all start out very clumsy, then progress to more and more advanced levels or techniques. All can be accomplished, as long as well believe they can. Failure comes every time fear rears it’s ugly head and we give up. Those who quit the arts usually do so because they find things too difficult of intimidating.

Now I can hear what some people are thinking. I did not attract that car accident into my life!! Well, you did not do it on purpose, but the choices you made put you there. If you had stopped for that coffee, the outcome would have been different.

So what is the point of this? The martial arts path will teach you to master your body, by mastering YOUR MIND. As you do this you can stop being a victim of the world and its circumstances and start to create your own. But you need to start to relate and see how martial arts training is hooked to life itself.

People will say that thing happen for a reason. The reason is that we create them. That is the destiny of it. Change the way you think and watch the path unfold in front of you. Enjoy the obstacles and every learning experience that comes. They are all of your own making.

Freedom comes with this understanding.


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