Becoming an Amazing Martial Artist – Affirmations

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 09

The essay below is very general, but it applies to the martial arts as well as everyday life.

brain3 We are all a product of our belief systems. First, what is a belief? This word will cause most people to think of ‘religion’. While that is also a belief and does shape your life, for the sake of this writing that is not what I am referring to.

A belief is a thought, that you are habitually having. Some are buried so deep in your subconscious that you don’t know they are there.

First realize that your conscious thoughts each and every day only makeup a small portion of your experience. It is the subconscious mind that is the driver in your life. The seemingly logical decisions you make each and everyday about everything, are based on the beliefs your subconscious mind has.

So if we look at successful people, we will find that their belief system is far different from the person living on the street. Both worlds are a reality, but each person, with their core beliefs created their own outcome. For example, I have been pretty successful with my school in a poor economy, yet a school less than 8 KMs away has not enrolled a single student in 6 months? Why? It is not what I am doing differently than this other school, it is what I am THINKING that is making the difference.

So, if you are not happy with any current outcome, you must think differently about it. This will set in motion the events to change this outcome. I have over the years heard many, many people say they don’t set goals, because they never reach them anyways. Do you see the belief in action? Until they change this belief, they are correct, there is no point to goal setting.

So, how do you change a belief? One way is with affirmations. But guess what, if you don’t belief they will reprogram your subconscious belief system they WILL NOT WORK!

Great, so now what do I do!!!

Change the way you FEEL about things. Start with something small, and simply look to feel a little better about it. An example is someone you don’t like or even hate. Change the way you feel about them by thinking about some good quality they posses. As you feel better about this person, your belief will also change. Soon you might even end up friends.

Emotion is the key to the lock on your life! Let’s go back to affirmations. Try basing your affirmations on feeling rather than how most people will do them based on “I AM”. Here is an example of both.

1) I am successful
2) I FEEL successful

The first example, if you don’t already believe you are successful will be discarded by the subconscious as non truth. The second, using your imagination to feel like a successful person will begin the reprogramming process. Imagine what it would FEEL like to be successful at something, them do the affirmation I FEEL SUCCESSFUL DOING ……..

Try this for yourself and see what happens, you will be amazed.


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