Suggested Martial Arts Reading List

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 08

41QJSJ0H64L._SL500_AA240_ Back when they first openned up a Chapters in my home town the martial arts section was huge. There were literally hundreds of book to choose from from biographies to how to’s. Today the section has shunk to 2 shelfs and most of the books are MMA.

I cannot begin to tell you the hundreds of book I have read on the arts over the last 26 years. Some have been great and some trash.

If you are new to the arts, and have not yet had the change to read many MA books, here are 3 I would highly recommend. These are in no particular order.

  1. Zen and Martial Arts by Jo Hyams
  2. Karate-Do My Way of Life by Funakoshi
  3. Overlook Martial Arts Reader by Randy Nelson

If you have any great books you would like to contibute to this posting please leave them in a comment.


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