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By Master Art Mason | News

Aug 25

It is with great pleasure that I announce to all our adult students that Master Chad Barry will be returning to our school to conduct a Bojuka Seminar on Friday September 30th 2011 starting at 7:00pm. This seminar is open to all adult and teen students of our school regardless of rank. It is also open to anyone outside who is interested in attending. The cost of the session is only $50.00 per person.

“Bojuka Canada provides simple, aggressive and realistic street-oriented self defense instruction and defensive tactics training. Learn effective personal protection skills through enhanced awareness and avoidance, verbal self defense techniques, threat assessment and reasonable use of force.

Training can be easily geared to anyone’s ability, skill level, size, fitness level, or occupation. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved one’s against a violent encounter.”

About Master Barry

Specialist Level Five – Bojuka (Senior Instructor)
7th Dan Black Belt – Kyusho Jitsu (Grandmaster)
5th Dan Black Belt – Military Unarmed Combat (Master)
2nd Dan Black Belt – Taekwondo
1st Dan Black Belt – American Kenpo Karate
3rd Kyu – Aikido

Certified Self Defense and Defensive Tactics Instructor
Bojuka Self Defense System

Canadian Director
Bojuka Institute Of Self Defense

Chad Barry has over 20 years of serious martial arts and self defense training and has instructed for more than 15 years. He has had extensive training in Bojuka, Kenpo Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Military Unarmed Combat and Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Point Fighting. He has trained with world-class martial arts masters and has earned “master” ranking in Military Unarmed Combat and Kyusho Jitsu, as well as black belts in Taekwondo and Kenpo Karate. Chad is a certified Specialist Level Five Bojuka Self Defense and Defensive Tactics Instructor.

The Bojuka Self Defense System is an effective and aggressive street-oriented self protection system. Bojuka can be learned completely on it’s own or be integrated into any other system of self defence. It is so effective and versatile that the system’s founder, Tom Schrenk, has taught it to members of many United States government and law enforcement agencies.

Chad Barry is the Canadian Director for the Bojuka Institute of Self Defense. He is highest ranking Bojuka Instructor in Ontario and offers training and certification in the Bojuka Self Defense System. Chad is also the Associate Director of the Kyusho International Alliance (KIA) and offers training in pressure point fighting and Humane Pressure Point Tactics (HPPT).

Master Chad Barry teaches Bojuka at public and corporate seminars, workshops and conferences in Canada and the United States. He is an expert in both reality based self defense and the legal use-of-force. His ability to integrate reality based self defense tactics with the manipulation of central nervous system into people’s own systems make his courses an enjoyable and invaluable educational experience. He has taught at seminars and workshops at martial arts and self defense schools, universities, colleges, high-schools, the YMCA, martial arts conferences and the famed Muhammad Ali Training Camp. Self defense training is available for both men and women. Specialized defensive tactics training programs are available for military and law enforcement professionals.

Chad Barry teaches weekly group classes in Chatham, Ontario. He is also available for private lessons at his studio and when doing seminars in your area.

For more information on this seminar please see your instructor or call Grand Master Art Mason at 519-962-9820 or via email at



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