10 Warning Signs of Low Self Esteem

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 07

Art Mason of “Art Mason’s The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute” recently released 10 warning signs of low Self-Esteem. A problem that is ever growing in our society and community, often missed or ignored the problems associated with having such low self esteem can be avoided by knowing the warning signs and acting on them to raise Esteem!

“People don’t often understand just how damaging having low self-esteem can be! People with low self esteem are often go unnoticed at school and at work because they do not do anything to stand out. They don’t ever go for the goal or even try to make the sports team.” says Art Mason.

“Low Self Esteem Sufferer’s are often the target of bullies at school as well as at work because they “bullies” know they won’t give them any hassle or a hard time and will be “easy” victims who will quickly bend to their will!” warns Art Mason!

The 10 Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem:

1. Walking with head and eyes down focused on the ground instead of Straight ahead.
2. Shy and Reserved around new people and situations
3. She does not ask questions in school or at home
4. Hard for her to make friends
5. Poor Hygiene

To discover the other FIVE Warning signs of Low Self-Esteem and more visit www.thepeacefulwarriors.org


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