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Apr 22

Martial Arts and Ego’s

By Master Art Mason | News

Second Degree Black Belt Woman

I have been in martial arts for a very long time now. 32 years this coming fall. It is my life, my path and my way. I have never gone around acting like a tough guy, bragging about fighting, or tournament wins (Yes I have had fights and many tournament wins) because it goes against what I stand for. Leading by example!

Recently I had a comment on one of my video on the school site. It is my son Master Curt doing red belt cane techniques. The “gentleman commented that I seemed to “have a good heart, but what I am teaching could get someone killed, so I better go back to learning something about martial arts.” This is a paraphrase. I replied and he apologized. Normally don’t bother, however this time I did. Why? Because the trend I see is someone will watch a 4 minute video, and because they are such “experts or masters” judge an entire system! If this was isolated I would not care, but I see this massive, envy / jealousy /egotism as a trend in our world in general.

No one has all the answers. I know I don’t. But if you go around with your ego sticking out someone is gonna call you out. If you are a martial artist lead by example. Show people why they should consider taking the martial path.

I know one martial arts teacher who brags his dojo is so tough he has a 95% dropout rate. All he is saying is he is a bad teacher and failure at running a school. The benefits of martial arts training come with time. You are supposed to reach students, not scare them away.

Apr 13

The Peaceful Warriors’ Brașov Romania!

By Master Art Mason | News


Great news everyone! Classes in Brașov will officially begin on Saturday May 14th at 11:00am at Studio C. There is lots more information coming in the next few days. The address of this awesome gym is located in our school information on this page. Watch here for more details!



Below is some link information to the Brașov location. Also in the works for summer 2017 is a major Pressure Point Seminar to be held in Brasov. This will be open to all students, and other schools and martial art organizations interested in learning about the pressure point system called Kyusho Jitsu. There will be some fundraisers done in our school to help cover costs for students who wish to attend.

Talk to Master Rick as he will have more information soon!


Apr 09

Peaceful Warriors’ Demo Team 2010

By Master Art Mason | News

Here is a blast from the past. The Peaceful Warriors’ Demo Team at 1st Defense Martial Arts Tournament in May 2010. What a great performance they gave that day! How many of you seeing this were on this team? Do you miss it? Perhaps it is time to get back into the dojang and do some training!


Dec 09

Just come in and TRAIN….

By Master Art Mason | News

ArtJune2000 Martial Arts is not something that you do, it is something that you become. When you first begin your training things are very new and very exciting. Each belt promotion means more to you then as an adult you are willing to admit. You stare with joy at the piece of tape around one side of your belt. It feels so good!

You have a definite goal, to get that coveted Black Belt. The journey is long and hard and requires dedication, commitment and a ton of perseverance. After the years pass your view begins to change. TRAINING becomes part of life, like getting up in the morning. You have become a martial artist. Training is like air.

The meaning of rank in the arts changes for you. You no longer revel in each little step, or for that matter even in dan ranks as they go by. Suddenly the knowledge becomes the most important, you develop a thirst for more.

When people leave the arts for whatever reason, it never leaves them. It is not just in your blood, it becomes your blood. You see the world in a different prospective then ordinary people do. And martial arts people are not ordinary people.  One of my senior students and master teacher Riccardo Pappini said to me one day in regard to people who stop training for one reason or another, “you can never come back to training, you just train.”

Truer words could never have been said. Forget New Years resolutions, just come in the door and train! Are you worried you forgot your patterns??? Just some in and train. Are you out of shape? Just come in and train.

Need a little more encouragement?? Read this.

But for the moment, JUST COME IN AND TRAIN…….It is WHO YOU ARE!!!!

Sep 24

Peaceful Warriors – What does it mean??

By Master Art Mason | News

1798070_802600366467128_2472551750936252839_n Very few people know the true origin of the name. It was the brain storm of my EX girlfriend from 1999. She would have been an amazing martial artist if she decided to continue, but she stopped. The name was her idea, and idea in which to balance the constant warrior state i was in.

I am a monster. I admit this. I think we need the death penalty, stronger immigration laws, more police and a zero tolerance to violent crime. But few agree with me. If they do they are afraid to state this opinion. Peace is only kept with a GUN or SWORD. However I am trying to be peaceful, to chose my battles wisely. Why do we have bullies in school? Because society turns it back on violence like it never happened. PUNISH the child! For real! I was strapped as a child and I deserved it!

We are all monsters trying to be better. But sometimes the sword is needed. Peace is NOT FREE. We don’t need a new government we need people to stand up!

Enough for now.

Sep 21

The Art of War and other silly things…

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrest War is a fact of human existence. It has always existed and it will always exist. We as martial arts people are naive if we say we practice an art of peace.  But experience will tell us when it is time to pickup the sword, and when it is time to negotiate for peace.

Our world has not changed since the dawn of recorded time. Man is inherently evil, but we can choose to be better. And I think most people try to do this. But there is a time when we must revert back to our true physical selves and do what must be done. We search for FACT in a world were there is no FACT, only possibilities.

We are not physical beings looking for a spiritual experience. History shows without doubt how well this has worked out. We are spiritual beings here for a physical experience. So why try so hard to go back to spirit before your time? We are having an amazing experience we don’t understand, and think that trying to be spiritual will make it better. How can you try to be what you are?

People work hard to just be happy. You cannot always be happy because the very nature of existence show us opposites. War and celebration will always be there. There is no other way. What can be learned however from all this is when to fight, when to love, when to laugh and when to cry. Life is the sinking titanic and we are born to die. Wisdom teaches to choose our battles, our experiences wisely ans despite the lies we may tell we do everything for selfish reason.

Your perception is equal to your reality, your opinion is equal to your illusion and your love is equal only to your forgiveness.

I am the wisest and smartest man in the world, because I KNOW THAT i KNOW NOTHING……

Jan 30

Progress Checks for Students

By Master Art Mason | News

index Now that the New Year is here it is time to do some progress checks for our students. Over the next few weeks Master Mason, Master Scott or one of our other Master Instructors will be contacting parents or junior students or adult students to sit down and discuss your progress in our system and answer any questions you may have, At this time we will also issue tax receipts for 2014.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


Jan 04

Our New Look

By Master Art Mason | News

IMG_1435 Over the Christmas shutdown our school in Windsor got a serious update. New floor and mats covering the workout area. I have to say it looks amazing! My thanks to Daniel Z and his family for all there hard work on the floor, as well as Kara Borshuk and Billy for their tireless work also.

We also welcome Shihan Norm Rivard and Kihon Karate to our facility as we timeshare the week of training. We will have a new schedule available in the next few days. For 99% of our students there is no change to the current nights for them. See everyone in class and Happy New Year!!

Dec 17

Holiday Schedule 2014

By Master Art Mason | News

MockIt_12122014083255 Our last class for 2014 will be held on Friday December 19th 2014. Our school will resume classes on Friday January 2nd 2014. From the teachers and staff of the Peaceful Warriors we wish everyone a safe an happy holiday season!

Oct 08

What is Self Defense Part 3?

By Master Art Mason | News

1798070_802600366467128_2472551750936252839_n  I decided when I started writing this series of blog post to pull no punches and I still won’t. The need for self defense in the modern world grows more important day by day, moment by moment. Now I am not talking about chasing stupid causes, I am talking about defending yourself and your family against attacks by anyone who decides to harm you no matter their motivation. We  don’t know any longer what maybe happening down the road.

About a week ago a friend of mine was threated with physical violence. He called the police but it took them several days to respond. The slow response as not because they did not wish to do their jobs, they were too busy dealing with other acts of violence in this city. Friday we had another shooting at a downtown club. Time to wake up people!!!

Now you don’t have to take a martial art to improve your skills, but it is a good idea. Our school is more then willing to do workshops for groups of people who want to learn more about protecting themselves. If you would like to find out more please email me at this address.

The world is changing and we need to change with it.