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Jun 04

The World Loses a Legend, Ali Dead at 74

By Master Art Mason | News


On June 3rd 2016 the world lost a legend. Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74. Ali died Friday at a Phoenix-area hospital, where he had spent the past few days being treated for respiratory complications.

He called himself “the greatest” but in real life was a humble man. A good friend of GM George Dillman they share many years working together.  I had the privilege of hear the story’s one night at the Muhammad Ali Train Camp in Reading PN.

Ali had a great influence on my younger life. He showed the world with hard work you can rise to the top.

Here are a few links on his life, and death.

NBC News

His Life

We mourn the loss of a man who changed the boxing world. May he rest in peace.

May 18

Victoria Day Holiday

By Master Art Mason | News


Dear Parents and Students,

Just a brief note to let you know our school will be closed on Monday May 23 for the Victoria Day Holiday. Our normal schedule will resume the next day.

There are many exciting things going on in our school as you know. To help make it easier for us to communicate all this with you we have created a news letter / email list for information. If you fill out the form below and follow the instructions given in the first confirmation email you will be subscribed.

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Apr 15

Chat’s with Master Art

By Master Art Mason | News


It has been a long while, but we can again say our school is growing! For the last few years we have had a rather serious transition period. But i can say with confidence all is well and we are again in a period of development and growth!

This being said Master Art is now doing a fireside chat style video series to update student and parents on what is happening with out school! There is some very exciting things happening!

Keep your eye on this site, and we will keep you up to date! See you in class!!!


Apr 13

The Peaceful Warriors’ Brașov Romania!

By Master Art Mason | News


Great news everyone! Classes in Brașov will officially begin on Saturday May 14th at 11:00am at Studio C. There is lots more information coming in the next few days. The address of this awesome gym is located in our school information on this page. Watch here for more details!



Below is some link information to the Brașov location. Also in the works for summer 2017 is a major Pressure Point Seminar to be held in Brasov. This will be open to all students, and other schools and martial art organizations interested in learning about the pressure point system called Kyusho Jitsu. There will be some fundraisers done in our school to help cover costs for students who wish to attend.

Talk to Master Rick as he will have more information soon!


Dec 09

Just come in and TRAIN….

By Master Art Mason | News

ArtJune2000 Martial Arts is not something that you do, it is something that you become. When you first begin your training things are very new and very exciting. Each belt promotion means more to you then as an adult you are willing to admit. You stare with joy at the piece of tape around one side of your belt. It feels so good!

You have a definite goal, to get that coveted Black Belt. The journey is long and hard and requires dedication, commitment and a ton of perseverance. After the years pass your view begins to change. TRAINING becomes part of life, like getting up in the morning. You have become a martial artist. Training is like air.

The meaning of rank in the arts changes for you. You no longer revel in each little step, or for that matter even in dan ranks as they go by. Suddenly the knowledge becomes the most important, you develop a thirst for more.

When people leave the arts for whatever reason, it never leaves them. It is not just in your blood, it becomes your blood. You see the world in a different prospective then ordinary people do. And martial arts people are not ordinary people.  One of my senior students and master teacher Riccardo Pappini said to me one day in regard to people who stop training for one reason or another, “you can never come back to training, you just train.”

Truer words could never have been said. Forget New Years resolutions, just come in the door and train! Are you worried you forgot your patterns??? Just some in and train. Are you out of shape? Just come in and train.

Need a little more encouragement?? Read this.

But for the moment, JUST COME IN AND TRAIN…….It is WHO YOU ARE!!!!

Dec 08

Pressure Point Certification Course

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrest Dear Students,

Have you ever had difficulty getting your self defense techniques to work on larger, strong opponents? Does it frustrate you when others do it so easily? Would you like to know the ancient secrets of the Masters, and why everything is so easy for them?

I you feel that I way understand, I have felt that way before too. I spent years working on techniques that I just could not get to work on a consistent basis, and never against larger, stronger partners. Then I discover the art of Kyusho Jitsu.

What is Kyusho Jitsu? Kyusho is the art of the pressure point system of the human body. Based on Chinese Medicine and the 12 meridian of the body, Kyusho teaches you how to manipulate the pressure points of the body to get the maximum result, with less effort in all your techniques.
How do you learn Kyusho Jitsu?

Kyusho Jitsu is only touched upon in our classes, but anyone who would like to learn and certify in this amazing art can do so by attending a 12 month course, held at our Windsor School each month.
What advantages are there for you in learning more about Kyusho?

• It will make your techniques work every time!
• Smaller students will be able to make techniques work on large opponents
• Older students will feel younger because Kyusho is a science applied to your art, without stress.
• As you study it will help keep you light years ahead of your piers.
• Teaches you how to really use your patterns!
• Find the ‘Hidden Secrets’ inside your patterns.

How do you get started?
Easy! Our Beginners Kyusho Pre-College Course being held on Friday December 18th at 7:30pm. This workshop is open to all adult students, regardless of rank. At this pre-college you will learn some Kyusho basics as well as get all the information on the upcoming certification course starting in January 2016. Don’t miss out! This will be the last opportunity for a year.

Yours in the arts,

Master Art Mason
Founder Art Masons’ Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute

Nov 27

Our New Updated Website

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrestFor the last week I have been working on our new updated website. It is not done completely yet but it is ready for roll-out! This website is for both people looking for information on enrolling, and also for current and former students to enjoy. I encourage all student to visit the site now at http://thepeacefulwarriors.org and look to the menus on the right side and create your account.

Once you are approved and verified you will recieve access to the student area which includes the following:

  • Forums for general chat and help with any aspect of study
  • Videos to reinforce what you have been learning in class
  • Private message access to our Teachers
  • Calendars
  • Special events etc

I encourage everyone to take a few minutes ASAP and logon!’

See you inside!

Nov 21

Peaceful Warriors on YouTube

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrestIt has come to my attention that many students are unaware we have a YouTube site where you can research the patterns and techniques learned in Class in order to help you review and remember. Below is a link so you can visit this site. Also please remember to LIKE the posts, comment, ask questions and SUBSCRIBE. This helps us to continue to provide new content!


The Peaceful Warriors’ on YouTube!

Nov 20

Is your Staff Safe?

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrest My name is Art Mason; I am the founder of an organization called “The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute.” I have been involved in martial arts and self defense for over 30 years, and I’ve been watching the changing environment of our wonderful city. Let’s face it; Windsor isn’t as safe as it used to be. And the problem isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.

Today people aren’t safe going places alone, the parks at night are empty. No couples or children go near them for fear of muggings and worse. Downtown Windsor has become a haven for crime, and violence. Stabbings are a common occurrence along Ouellette Avenue, and are rarely even covered by the paper anymore because they are so common. People are being taken from parking lots at night as the walk to their cars, and children are constantly warned of possible predators in the area, roaming in their cars looking for a child to tempt.

My organization and I are on a new mission to help educate people of these dangers, and how to deal with and prevent prevent possible muggings, kidnappings and worse. To make you feel safer walking to your car at night. What we are now offering to yourself and your staff, is a two hour seminar on these dangers.

In this two hour session we will be teaching you and your staff, not only how to avoid these potentially dangerous situations all together. Using safe and effective techniques that are PROVEN, to work. Over the years we have had police, security officers, and students interested in the Law and Security programs come through our systems with outstanding results.

In this two hour seminar not only will we be teaching safe, easy and effective techniques, but you will very quickly learn that size does not matter. Even the smallest of people can very quickly and easy learn to defend him or herself against would be attackers without the slightest use of strength. And for the first time this is being taught outside of the martial arts setting, no forms or fancy stances just simple and effective methods!

Some of the things we will be covering are; how to avoid dangerous situations, common attacks, intention, finger locks and other simple manipulations, humane pressure points, and much much more!

To book a session for you and your staff please contact us at (519) 551-2228; via e-mail master@thepeacefulwarriors.org , or check us out on the web if you’re still have some lingering doubts or questions at www.thepeacefulwarriors.org .

Nov 19

New Schedule December 1st

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrestJust a reminder for all our students there will be a new schedule in affect as of December 1st 2015. You can download a copy of this schedule at the link below. Have a great day and see everyone in class tomorrow night!

Download Schedule

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