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Apr 09

Peaceful Warriors’ Demo Team 2010

By Master Art Mason | News

Here is a blast from the past. The Peaceful Warriors’ Demo Team at 1st Defense Martial Arts Tournament in May 2010. What a great performance they gave that day! How many of you seeing this were on this team? Do you miss it? Perhaps it is time to get back into the dojang and do some training!


Feb 12

Attendance and Commitment

By Master Art Mason | News

12592663_10153563029118547_5083940303824787078_n One of the most important elements for successful martial arts training and rank progress is attendance. Without good attendance it is very hard to see the progress you are looking for. These days our school is only in operation on Monday and Friday evenings. And for proper progress you should be attending 2 times per week. So what i you miss??? A great example would be that we will be closed on Monday next week for the Family Day holiday!

Talk to your instructor, Master Rick or Sabumnim Rob and setup a time for a private lesson. This can help keep you on track and makeup for any lost time. Commitment to training is a key for your success!

Yours in the arts,

Grand Master Art Mason.

Dec 08

Pressure Point Certification Course

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrest Dear Students,

Have you ever had difficulty getting your self defense techniques to work on larger, strong opponents? Does it frustrate you when others do it so easily? Would you like to know the ancient secrets of the Masters, and why everything is so easy for them?

I you feel that I way understand, I have felt that way before too. I spent years working on techniques that I just could not get to work on a consistent basis, and never against larger, stronger partners. Then I discover the art of Kyusho Jitsu.

What is Kyusho Jitsu? Kyusho is the art of the pressure point system of the human body. Based on Chinese Medicine and the 12 meridian of the body, Kyusho teaches you how to manipulate the pressure points of the body to get the maximum result, with less effort in all your techniques.
How do you learn Kyusho Jitsu?

Kyusho Jitsu is only touched upon in our classes, but anyone who would like to learn and certify in this amazing art can do so by attending a 12 month course, held at our Windsor School each month.
What advantages are there for you in learning more about Kyusho?

• It will make your techniques work every time!
• Smaller students will be able to make techniques work on large opponents
• Older students will feel younger because Kyusho is a science applied to your art, without stress.
• As you study it will help keep you light years ahead of your piers.
• Teaches you how to really use your patterns!
• Find the ‘Hidden Secrets’ inside your patterns.

How do you get started?
Easy! Our Beginners Kyusho Pre-College Course being held on Friday December 18th at 7:30pm. This workshop is open to all adult students, regardless of rank. At this pre-college you will learn some Kyusho basics as well as get all the information on the upcoming certification course starting in January 2016. Don’t miss out! This will be the last opportunity for a year.

Yours in the arts,

Master Art Mason
Founder Art Masons’ Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute

Dec 02

The World of Bullies, it needs to end.

By Master Art Mason | News

stop-bully-logoI am shocked when I hear of the vast number of bullying incidents today not only in our school system, but in life in general. I see it in schools, workplaces and on the streets. How did this happen??? Why did this happen?? Psychologies will give you lots of reasons, but the truth is we put up with it. Keep raising the level of tolerance we have for the intolerable.

The school I went to as a child was called Ivor Chandler. In grade 2 I think it was I was bullied by a boy who’s name I don’t even recall. I punched him in the nose, bloodied it and the incident was finished. I was NEVER bullied by anyone again. We both went to the office after his nose stopped bleeding and were told of sever consequences if this happened again. Yes people we would have been punished. What a concept eh??

So what is the problem today? The consequences tend to go toward the person being bullied, like it is their fault. The schools and work places are afraid of the bully! Children need to be encouraged not to put up with this behavior and FIGHT BACK. When someone is trying to cause you physical harm and you fight back it is protected under the Criminal Code of Canada and that supersedes any school bi-laws.

Martial Arts training will give your child the confidence to fight back, both physically and emotionally which is just as important. I can give you countless examples of how the system has failed. It is time for an overhaul and this begins at home, with each child.

If anyone would like to come into to discuss a bully problem with me my door is always open. Give us a call at 519-551-2228 and you can book a time when we can sit down and talk. Till then have a great Christmas Season!

Nov 21

Peaceful Warriors on YouTube

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrestIt has come to my attention that many students are unaware we have a YouTube site where you can research the patterns and techniques learned in Class in order to help you review and remember. Below is a link so you can visit this site. Also please remember to LIKE the posts, comment, ask questions and SUBSCRIBE. This helps us to continue to provide new content!


The Peaceful Warriors’ on YouTube!

Dec 17

Holiday Schedule 2014

By Master Art Mason | News

MockIt_12122014083255 Our last class for 2014 will be held on Friday December 19th 2014. Our school will resume classes on Friday January 2nd 2014. From the teachers and staff of the Peaceful Warriors we wish everyone a safe an happy holiday season!

Sep 30

What is Self Defense?

By Master Art Mason | News

10247334_274008522776503_216345023442721722_n Our world is changing whether people choose to see this or not. Violence in our communities is growing each and every day. Nothing is off limits any longer. Recently a friend of mine was threated at his place of business with bodily harm by a former tenant of his building.

The following information is taken from Master Chad Barry’s Bojuka Website with permission. It is your right as a citizen of visitor to this country to protect yourself. I encourage everyone to learn the skilled required to do this. Feel free to contact me at master@thepeacefulwarriors.org for more information.


When it comes to the issue of self defense and the use of intelligent and reasonable force it is important to understand the law as it applies to you and your situation. In this article we will touch on this subject and how it applies to Canadians.

How much force is “reasonable force”?

This is the most important and most difficult question to answer when it comes to your legal right to defend yourself and your loved ones. The definition of “reasonable force” can differ from one area to another so it is important that your are aware of your legal rights and obligations for where you live. The use of force also differs for civilians and law enforcement officers. The the purpose of this article we will be focussing on the use of force as it applies to civilians.In general, reasonable force can be defined as the minimal force required to deter or prevent an assault from occuring or being repeated. This would include removing yourself from a potentially violent situation before an assault occurs, verbal de-escalation, posturing, and physically defending oneself. When training in self defense it is important to practise scenarios that will allow you to assess the threat level and act accordingly. If you can leave safely without risking injury to yourself or another, then you must leave. If your are being assaulted or an assault is imminent then you can use only the amount of force necessary to stop the assault. You are not permitted to punish the assailant or seek revenge. You have to ask yourself the question “what would another reasonable person do in the same circumstances”.

By training this way you will be able to more appropriately respond to a violent altercation and protect yourself from physical harm and from prosecution by the law. Look at your self defense techniques and ask yourself if the amount of damage being inflicted on the assailant would be deemed reasonable for the type of assault. A smaller, weaker or more volnerable person for example, may reasonably inflict more damage than a larger or stronger person in the same situation. It is important to “injure to degree” according to the threat level.

Self Defense and the Canadian Criminal Code:

Below is how self defense is defined by the Canadian Criminal Code:Defense of Person

Self-Defence Against Unprovoked Assault
… / Extent of justification.

34. (1) Every one who is unlawfully assaulted without having provoked the assault is justified in repelling force by force if the force he uses is not intended to cause death or grievous bodily harm and is no more than is necessary to enable him to defend himself.

(2) Every one who is unlawfully assaulted and who causes death or grievous bodily harm in repelling the assault is justified if

(a) he causes it under reasonable apprehension of death or grievous bodily harm from the violence with which the assault was originally made or with which the assailant pursues his purposes; and
(b) he believes, on reasonable grounds, that he cannot otherwise preserve himself from death or grievous bodily harm. [R.S. c.C-34, s.34.]

Self-Defence In Case Of Aggression.

35. Every one who has without justification assaulted another but did not commence the assault with intent to cause death or grievous bodily harm, or has without justification provoked an assault on himself by another, may justify the use of force subsequent to the assault if

(a) he uses the force

(i) under reasonable apprehension of death or grievous bodily harm from the violence of the person whom he has assaulted or provoked, and
(ii) in the belief, on reasonable grounds, that it is necessary in order to preserve himself from death or grievous bodily harm;
(b) he did not, at any time before the necessity of preserving himself from death or grievous bodily harm arose, endeavour to cause death or grievous bodily harm; and
(c) he declined further conflict and quitted or retreated from it as far as it was feasible to do so before the necessity of preserving himself from death or grievous bodily harm arose. [R.S. c.C-34, s.35.]


36. Provocation includes, for the purposes of sections 34 and 35, provocation by blows, words or gestures. [R.S. c.C-34, s.36.]

Preventing Assault
… / Extent of justification.

37. (1) Every one is justified in using force to defend himself or any one under his protection from assault, if he uses no more force than is necessary to prevent the assault or the repetition of it.

(2) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to justify the wilful infliction of any hurt or mischief that is excessive, having regard to the nature of the assault that the force used was intended to prevent. [R.S. c.C-34, s.37.] Reference: Departartment of Justice Canada: Criminal Code

Aug 27

Labour Day Weekend and Upcoming Events

By Master Art Mason | News

NewCrest Well summer is coming to an end and the children will soon be back at school. Oh do I hear cheering??? With that in mind our school will swing back into the fall with some exciting evens schedules for September. Here is a list of what is coming!!!

  • Saturday September 13th – Instructor Training and Certification begins at 1:00pm
  • Saturday September 13th – Buddy Day – Invite a friend to class!! Begins at 3:00pm
  • Saturday September 20th – Pressure Points – 3:00pm
  • Saturday September 27th – Colour Belt testing Begins 10:00am
  • Saturday September 27th – Master Chad Barry workshops – $50 per person – Begins 1:00pm

So as you can see it is going to be a great month! Also a reminder ur school is closed on Saturday August 30th and Monday September 1st! Have a great holiday weekend!

Master Art Mason

PS September Calendar Download HERE.


Aug 23

Tenets of the Peaceful Warriors’ Part 6 – Indomitable Spirit

By Master Art Mason | News

Indomitable Spirit What is “Indomitable Spirit?” This tenet is a little harder to explain. Typically speaking in order to have ” Indomitable Spirit” you need to also be in control of the first 5 tenets. It is not he same as having perseverance as some believe. When you have Indomitable Spirit it will never even occur to you that you would quit, or fail at anything in life. If something goes wrong it is viewed as experience not failure. It is 100 fold beyond simple perseverance.

With ” Indomitable Spirit” your spirit cannot be broken. Life is viewed as a journey not a destination. It is the greatest of achievement, like enlightenment itself.