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Jun 14

Monthly School Newsletter!

By Master Art Mason | News


We are going to be re-implementing very shortly our Monthly Peaceful Warriors School Newsletter. As of yet we have not named the news letter, but that will be announced very soon!

It will feature articles on

  • many different aspects of martial arts training,
  • events happening our school,
  • student activities
  • and so much more!

I do not have the launch date as of yet for it, but I will be posting about this very soon!

Now there will be 2 versions of the newsletter. One will be in the form of an email newsletter, that will come as a PDF attached to the email list you can subscribe to below.

But for our active students, you will receive a copy via good old fashioned Canada Post Mail! You can’t beat that! In the next few classes Kara will be updating our database to make sure we have your current information for this project. I know you will love these newsletters!

Below is the form for the electronic version. Student, former students, parents, grandparents or interest people are welcome to join this list!

Subscribe to our School Newsletter!

We respect your email privacy

Thank you for your interest! Don’t forget to join us on Facebook at the following address!


Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason

Jun 08

Black Belt Extravaganza 2016

By Master Art Mason | News

Black Belt

The day of our Black Belt Extravaganza is fast approaching! This is one of the most important days in a persons life because it symbolizes a long period of hard work, and a great accomplishment.

I am often asked how long does it take to get to Black Belt. I give out an average estimate time, but really there is not answer to the question. All I can do is give a minimum time frame. It is not a race, you are alone in a room full of people. This is only a person event.

I make my assistant Black Belt in about 3 years. But I training 6 days a week and several hours per day, plus I ran a school for my teacher. That was just part of my personal path. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else in the journey. Black Belt is a deeply personal thing. But one thing that is important is you love the journey. When grading time came for me I was elated! I knew I had the attention of the board, and it was pass or fail and it was me who decided. The board just agreed with what I did.

Master Scott and I will be watching this one Skype. We are both very excited to see this happen! Our best to all candidates as you prepare for the peak of you work to date. Now today set your goals beyond what is coming and ready yourself for more. This journey has no end, only stops along the path.

Master Art Mason

Jun 04

The World Loses a Legend, Ali Dead at 74

By Master Art Mason | News


On June 3rd 2016 the world lost a legend. Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74. Ali died Friday at a Phoenix-area hospital, where he had spent the past few days being treated for respiratory complications.

He called himself “the greatest” but in real life was a humble man. A good friend of GM George Dillman they share many years working together.  I had the privilege of hear the story’s one night at the Muhammad Ali Train Camp in Reading PN.

Ali had a great influence on my younger life. He showed the world with hard work you can rise to the top.

Here are a few links on his life, and death.

NBC News

His Life

We mourn the loss of a man who changed the boxing world. May he rest in peace.

May 29

Awesome Testing!

By Master Art Mason | News


I would like to take a moment and comment on what a great grading / testing was conducted yesterday at our school in Windsor. It was a small grading, but everyone worked very hard and just did a great job!

The Black Belt grading is fast approaching, and naturally this tends to get more attention. However this is the goal everyone is looking towards.There are many exciting things coming in our school over the next few months. In the post below this one, the Victoria Day Holiday post is a optin for our school newsletter and mailing list. Please consider signing up!

Again congratulations to all the successful graduates yesterday! Keep up the great work!

May 18

Victoria Day Holiday

By Master Art Mason | News


Dear Parents and Students,

Just a brief note to let you know our school will be closed on Monday May 23 for the Victoria Day Holiday. Our normal schedule will resume the next day.

There are many exciting things going on in our school as you know. To help make it easier for us to communicate all this with you we have created a news letter / email list for information. If you fill out the form below and follow the instructions given in the first confirmation email you will be subscribed.

Subscribe to our News Letter

We respect your email privacy

May 04

The “art” of Learning

By Master Art Mason | News

Man in white kimono and black belt training karate over gray background.

There is an old Zen story of two monks walking through a village after a very heavy rain. As they are walking they see a beautiful woman standing on a corner looking to cross the road. She is wearing a beautiful long dress down to the ground. She is trying to cross the muddy road with all the water on it. The older monks walks over to her, picks her up and carries her across the road There he puts her down and rejoins the younger monk. As they are walking the younger monk is visibly upset, and so after time the older monk asks why….

The younger monk states, “we are monks, we are not allowed to touch a women, yet you picked this woman up and carried her. ” The older monk says, “yes this is correct.” The younger monk again, even more emphatically restates his opinion and concern. The monks is silent for a moment and then states. “yes I picked her up and helped her cross the road, but why are you still carrying her?”

This is how we all are at times, we dwell on things that are just not important. And this is the reason why so many people will “quit” training. “I am no good, I make too many mistakes.” We all makes mistakes, god knows how many I have made in my learning process and still do! There have been countless times I have messed something up on the floor, laughed and just did it again! We are not our mistakes, but they help us grow and learn. Without them, without all our errors, we would not develop and grow.

“The Art of Learning” is the “Art of Learning to Laugh”

, laugh at your mistakes, your screw-ups and even your victories.

Always remember, a Black Belt is just a White Belt who never quit.

May 03

Congratulations to Graders

By Master Art Mason | News


I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate all the successful people who graded this past weekend for new belt ranks, and to those successful black belt who passed their pre-test exams.

Grading is such an important part of your training. At first it can make you very nervous, but over time the nerves change and become a positive energy to drive you to new levels! I remember many of my different tests and promotions. They are all part of a very exciting journey.

Black Belt grading weekend is fast approaching too. Check with your teachers to make sure you have everything in order. Also get you application papers in asap. It will be quite the exciting time!

Apr 28

BBX – Black Belt Grading 2016

By Master Art Mason | News

Black Belt The date for our BBX 2016 has been set in stone and application will be out very shortly to those who qualify. This is always a very exciting time for the student and the teachers as they prepare for this fantastic day.

Black Belt Testing will be held on Sunday June 26. The doors will be open at 8:30am for candidates to arrive and prepare for their testing. The testing will begin at 9:00am SHARP. There will also be an afternoon of training with a special guess and dear friend of the school Shihan Norm Rivard who will be conducting a ground fighting workshop.

For more information, for your application letter please talk to Master Rick during your next class. Master Scott and I wish all those candidates the very best in this next part of the your journey!

Apr 22

Martial Arts and Ego’s

By Master Art Mason | News

Second Degree Black Belt Woman

I have been in martial arts for a very long time now. 32 years this coming fall. It is my life, my path and my way. I have never gone around acting like a tough guy, bragging about fighting, or tournament wins (Yes I have had fights and many tournament wins) because it goes against what I stand for. Leading by example!

Recently I had a comment on one of my video on the school site. It is my son Master Curt doing red belt cane techniques. The “gentleman commented that I seemed to “have a good heart, but what I am teaching could get someone killed, so I better go back to learning something about martial arts.” This is a paraphrase. I replied and he apologized. Normally don’t bother, however this time I did. Why? Because the trend I see is someone will watch a 4 minute video, and because they are such “experts or masters” judge an entire system! If this was isolated I would not care, but I see this massive, envy / jealousy /egotism as a trend in our world in general.

No one has all the answers. I know I don’t. But if you go around with your ego sticking out someone is gonna call you out. If you are a martial artist lead by example. Show people why they should consider taking the martial path.

I know one martial arts teacher who brags his dojo is so tough he has a 95% dropout rate. All he is saying is he is a bad teacher and failure at running a school. The benefits of martial arts training come with time. You are supposed to reach students, not scare them away.

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