History of the Peaceful Warriors’ Part 10 – Natural Laws

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 18


During our initial work with the cane we attended a seminar in Toronto that GM Shuey was presenting. At this seminar were several other WBA members one of the being former International President, my predecessor Hanshi Richard Buchan. GM Buchan was involved in a very interesting and old style of Kempo called Kosho Shorie Ryu Kempo, or the study of natural laws.

GM Buchan has a very colourful martial arts career, is very charismatic and asked if we were interesting in learning the natural laws aspects of his art. So a seminar was setup for late January 2002 at our Windsor School. I was very interested to learn more of these natural laws and the Octagon.

Well the seminar was a big hit with the students and the information was really amazing. I could see just how this would revolutionize our style and all of what we were doing. From this point we have Hanshi Buchan, less formally referred to as Shidoshi, down to Windsor several times, while I travel to his dojo in Toronto to learn all I could and share this knowledge back in Windsor.

In June 2002 I believe we attended a seminar at his school and also held a Black Belt grading there for Kevin Miller, Bob Mood and Steve White. I was promoted also to 3rd Dan in Kosho Ryu for my work. I was not concerned about the rank, just implementing the octagon and natural laws into our system.

The relationship with Buchan and his people lasted about a year. We left their organization simply because where we wanted to go with the school was different then their vision for Kosho Ryu International.

But it was a turning point in our art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido





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