History of the Peaceful Warriors Part 9 – The Cane

By Master Art Mason | News

Nov 12
Tournament London Ontario 2001 - 1st Place Soft Style Weapons

Tournament London Ontario 2001 – 1st Place Soft Style Weapons

One Friday morning in fall of 2000 my son Curt took his Grandmother, my mom shopping at the mall. Now both being avid readers this was a trip to the book store more then anything. Curt was always very, very close to his grandmother and loved to spend time with her. After shopping was lunch, usually at Harvey’s.

This particular day mom walking through Chapters while Curt was off looking at some other area of the book store. Some PUNK while she was walking tried to kick the cane she use from under her. Now she was not hurt, the kid laughed and took off. Whoever this punk was should take god Curt was not there. Curt would have busted him up forever for doing this.

I found out about this a few days later when Curt came to me and told me he had contacted Grand Master Mark Shuey of Cane Masters about his program. GM Mark was a member of the WBA. Curt ordered all his products and spent hours on the driveway going from the VCR to the drive working on everything Mark had. Now Master Curt has a photographic memory, so this did not take long.

One night at work I was telling my close friend Bob Mood of the entire chain of events. He was a former martial artist with several different instructors over the years. His interest was peaked and he join our school immediately and began working with Curt to refine his skills.

The Peaceful Warriors’ Cane Program was born.

We got closer over the years to GM Shuey and for a while were the Cane Master reps in Canada. Curt was tested for the master rank in the cane program and did very well. He re-entered the tournament scene after many years to participate in weapons division. After several very successful tournaments he began his focus on the self defense aspects of the cane, with our style in mind.

The cane program was entirely Master Curt’s project. I stayed out of it. I was busy enough! At that time I had started a demo teach (2002) and it took much of my time. This team was eventually taken over by Master Curt and “caned” up. Years later, before leaving the Peaceful Warriors to pursue his own dojo Master Bob Mood took the reins of the Demo Team. But more on that later.

Master Curt Mason’s Demo Team, May 1st 2010 Essex





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