Stand Up, Be Counted, Be Heard and Be a Peaceful Warrior!!

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 19


The world has lost its direction. I can say that categorically and very few with argue with me anymore. The world is an utter mess, bent on self destruction.

Why? Because the sheep we call people believe everything they read, and stand for NOTHING anymore. It needs to change, we need a paradigm shift in thinking.

We live in the information age. Technology has put the world of learning at our fingertips. But has anyone learned anything today? Or are you vomiting the lies and propaganda you see on Facebook about the world of US politics? Everyday I watch here in Brasov as people go down the street, busy posing for their selfies, to post for the world to see.

Yet for as many selfies as they take, they don’t know themselves at all.

You are lied to day in and day out by the media, the government, the system. My guess from my research is about 15% of what you see is true, the rest is manipulation. You are so asleep you actually believe that right or wrong is part of a political or religious agenda. WRONG!! WRONG!! WRONG!! WRONG!!

Right and wrong are found in your own consciousness, your own heart. Hopefully your WARRIORS heart.

Every part of your life has been bought and paid for by BIG business. And TRUMP is not BIG business. In that world he is a wannabe!

“But what can we do about it?” Even that question shows your programming. It is a BAD question. The real questions is, “What can I do about it?”

For those of you in Ontario Canada as an example, have you called the Premiers office and told her people what you think? Have you asked for her resignation yet? And I don’t mean by sharing BS on Facebook. Using the old phone and making a call, then again tomorrow, and the next day…….Until it is resolved!

Change the way you think! You are not helpless, unless you think you are. Then, if more and more people start to do this, you will see real change! Not the garbage the lying politicians tell you. Have you really not learned yet?

This is called REVOLUTION and is the tool of the WARRIOR. Peaceful revolution. Will it work? Yes but not instantly. An instant world is part of their lies! Take to the streets in PEACEFUL protest. Violence will not at this point in time solve anything. Like the very BLIND in the USA still don’t see, that makes things worse, Unless you are will to go all the way. A protest using violence is a RIOT and holds no credibility.

If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.

Stand up for what YOU believe in, with remorse or fear. And if you hurt a few feelings SO BE IT!

Be a Warrior, one of peace, educated and true.




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