In Today’s World, Life can become Overwhelming

By Master Art Mason | News

Oct 17
Be the Wolf of Life, not the sheep. Take control and train.

Be the Wolf of Life, not the sheep. 


Now is that not true? There is so much going on in our world today, and about 85% is simply garbage. But we still see it, it still distracts us and makes us feel like we are going to go crazy!

Believe me, it happens to all of us. The question is what are you going to do about it?

We are dealing with the very realistic possibility of global conflict, global depression. The world class bullshit going on in the USA, a once great country reduced to an arguing, fighting mess.

It seems like EVERYTHING is wrong! Social media makes it worse because it is always in your face!

What can you do?


Now what I am referring to? Many times students will take time off class because they feel overwhelmed with life. Perhaps they are worried about marks at school, problems at home, work or what have you. We all deal with this!

Once a long time ago Master Philip Hollohan told me at one of my worst hours, “they cannot take this away from you.” he was referring not to just my knowledge of martial arts, but my personal training.

Martial Arts unites Mind, Body and Spirit, but only if you train!

I don’t care if you are a white belt, or a grand master. When life goes to shit, TRAIN. When life is good TRAIN.

If you are a religious person and pray for help. Do it! But get off your BUTT and train!

This will refocus your MIND, and give you the ability to cope.

This will refocus the Body and give you back your health

This will refocus the Spirit and give you the inner strength you need to deal with the non stop drama and bullshit of this present reality we live in.


PS- NO excuses please!




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