Colour Belt Testing July 30th 2016

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 31


On Saturday July 30th we had our monthly colour belt testing for anyone eligible to move to the next rank. First we would like to congratulate the 2 ladies who tested this month and did an amazing job!

Congratulations to following:

  • Johanne Chandler _ Yellow Belt White Stripe
  • Greenlee Hawthorne – Green Belt

Master Scott and I watched the grading via Skype and were very pleased and impressed with the progress each student has made on their journey to Black Belt!


Greenlee receiving her new Green Belt from Kyo Sa Nim Amy

Johanne receiving her Yellow Belt White Stripe from Kyo Sa Nim Ivor

Johanne receiving her Yellow Belt White Stripe from Kyo Sa Nim Ivor

As a further note is was wonderful to see Kyo Sa Nim Amy back on the floor after stuffing a calf injury. She recovered very quickly and Master Scott and I are thrilled to see her back so soon!

Now tomorrow is August 1st and it is the Civic Holiday in Ontario! So there will be no classes tomorrow evening. This is the last real long weekend of summer before the kids are back in school so we wish you all a safe and fun holiday!

August 1st is also the release of our 2nd Newsletter! It is sent our in PDF format by our mail server. If you are not on our Newsletter Mail List you can subscribe below! There are also various popups that will appear from time to time for this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts

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