What is the BEST Martial Art for Self Defense?

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 24


I know you are expecting me to say mine 😀 But I am not going to! What is the best martial arts for self defense? That depends on YOU!

Self Defense, just like “fighting” and no they are not the same thing, is a mindset. I am not into “fighting.” I was when I was younger, but now honestly I think it is silly and I am not quiet sure what people are proving. But that is not my problem.

Now if someone tells me they are going to take, or are taking MMA or Kickboxing for self defense I am going to try to direct them somewhere else. The mindset is different and the odds are the teacher or coach does not understand this.

When someone comes to me it does not take me long to know if they are capable of defending themselves.

The mindset is pretty obvious. As a “teacher” and not a coach I am going to try to teach them what they need to do, and how they need to think to be successful if they are ever in a bad situation, or a life and death situation. Success depends on them.

Most people can be taught, there are some that cannot. But it is all choice!

What martial art is best?? The one you are in NOW. You planted the seeds and now the roots are growing and you want them to run deep! If you are in a sport martial art and want it to work in street defense, study the mindset of being attacked. Movement is movement, mindset is different.



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